Myself : About Me #audreyclaire

'hello steemitzians'

Hi, my name is Rachel Bally @audreyclaire. I'll reach my 30th years old this May 2018. I hope something good will happen to me this year.(healthy life, happy family).


More about myself: I spent mostly my free day time do gardening or hiking. I love to see flower blooming with different colour and scent. Do follow me on my Instagram @bally_flowers_nursery


I love bougainvillea!


Picture i've taken on the way down from climbing Mt Kinabalu.
Sabah, Malaysia.
Land below the wind
And hey, I'm from Kota Belud, Sabah.


I'm the second child of the 6 siblings.

A big thanks to @melindajamulis for introducing me about steemit.

I'll write more about #myself in the next post.Have a great day steemitzians.

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Welcome to on board to steemit @audreyclaire

Welcome to Steemit @audreyclaire. Rest assured that something instore that is good for you. Belive it in your heart and it will surely happen. Joining the Steemit platform is one step already of the future of good things to come. Nice for you, Mt kinabalu is one of my bucket list and you've climb it already. Keep learning, keep posting.. Steem on!


Yah..thanks ... Surely next time you should try climb in.It is a good experience .

Welcome​ aboard Rachel, I hope you are very successful.



Thank you 😄

Welcome aboard and Awesome Post, I'm from the Indonesia. Follow @ziqifuady and i will follow you back :)

Welcome to steemit....

hello hello pretty friend is a pleasure to welcome you to the steemit community. It is never too late to start new financial alternatives. I wish you the best Do not forget to follow me I also invite you to see the post Please vote and comment Best regards

Welcome to Steemit @audreyclaire, hope you will enjoy Steemit as much as I do, and I believe you will.

welcome @audreyclaire lovely pics and post :)

Welcome on steemit @audreyclaire. Beautiful introduction. Blessed family. I am dorisj @kondoruk #teammalaysia #sabah

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