Good evening dear friends, today after waking up at five in the morning and having slept at twelve o'clock like every Venezuelan woman should prepare lunch the next day. To go early to take a bus to go to my work after being 10 hours teaching 38 children aged 11 to 16 years of natural science and biology have my face destroyed in the natural without a drop of makeup. I got a moment of happiness when I got a wonderful being that rescued me from the hardships that must be spent in the terminal to take the bus back home and I also offer a coffee with chocolate although I am not addicted to coffee this time lived that no doubt carried out by the hand of God allowed me to have this face of happiness that I want to share with you.
Good evening dear newspaper until tomorrow.


I'm so happy seeing you happy @astuanais hope you bring positive vibes every day, I love coffee and I'm addicted to it. =)

Awesome Post Well Done!!!!

thank you my love

Welcome to Steemit young lady, share your thoughts when ever you possible! :D

clear and without being read by gentlemen like you will do it more often

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