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Hello fellow Steemers :-)
I am an Astrologer, filmmaker/photographer and Graphic Designer and am really happy to find such a great community to belong to. I will probably be posting a whole range of stuff, including Astrology insights about what is going on with the Astro Influences and what that means. Here are a couple of photos of my son that I took at the beach.

And a photo of me as well.

Who I am as an Astrologer

I have been practicing Astrology since I was 9 years old, that's when my step-mother started to teach me about it. At that time computers did not do all the work for us, and I learned how to mathematically cast a chart by hand when I was about 10 or 11. I have been using Astrology ever since, but I do not practice in the same way that you find in most magazines, etc. I consider my work far more sacred, meaningful and deep than that. When I work with people I do so on very deep psychic and emotional levels and have created a lot of healing in this way. I really consider myself mostly a healer, although the predictive aspects of Astrology cannot be ignored. Unfortunately for me, people often do not want to hear the truth. In 2006 and 2007 I began warning people about an upcoming mortgage crisis, which got me fired from one of my writing gigs. But those who listened to me saved themselves a great deal of money. After that crisis I had a child and did not publicly practice Astrology for a few years, mostly because my son needed my energy and he is my top priority in life. But now I am back and posting some musings. I hope that they are useful.

Before the 2008 Mortgage crisis hit, in the summer of 2007, there was a retrograde cycle of Venus. During this cycle about 70-90% of retail mortgage lenders went bankrupt. This was the handwriting on the wall - for those who were paying attention - that predicted the stock crises about 6 months later. At the time I was working for a large personal development seminar speaker and I worked an event where about 1,000 mortgage lenders were supposed to attend. Only 400 showed up (probably because the rest couldn't afford to fly to LA). This was an obvious sign that something was very wrong in the housing world, but few were paying attention.

VENUS: Life, Art, Money, Property and Photography

So, both my son and I are ruled by the Planet Venus (Taurus and Libra), which has been making a very long cycle since February in it's retrograde and direct motion. Venus entered the shadow of retrograde in Feb, turned retro in March, went direct last month (April 15 at 28' Pisces) and will finally leave the shadow on the 21st of this month (at 15' Aries) - in just about a week from now.

This is significant because it it represents a large scale cycle effecting everyone regarding money, art, things we value and consider beautiful or our possessions. It has an extra strong influence on Taurus and Libra people (ruled by Venus) and also Pisces and Aries people because those are the signs this Retrograde has cycled through.

The ALPHA and the OMEGA

Alpha is the beginning (Aries). Omega is the end (Pisces). This cycle of Venus is bringing a mass ending to society regarding what and how we value things (and people!) in our society so that we can rebuild again for a new beginning, I would argue that this is the delayed rebuilding that never happened in 2008 because nobody ever faced the real financial sources of those problems. But I am not the one to explain this, to understand what is going on financially look up MikeMaloney at the DollarVigilante and BixWeir. These are smart financial guys who know what they are talking about, and explain it far better than I can.

Pisces is elderly people, Aries is children. This Venus cycle highlights both. On the 21st Venus leaves the shadow while making a square to Pluto (also Retrograde at 19' Capricorn. This represents a breaking free of oppressive regulation, secrecy, lies and manipulations, but also the draconian imposition of said regulation, secrecy, lies and manipulation. This also creates the culmination of a cycle that began in Feb. This cycle is deeply tied to the collective human karma and secrecy surrounding money and how it is used. Usually public news/events related to a big aspect like this one breaks a few days before the aspect is exact. So I expect to see some big dramatic shifts regarding Governments, currencies and the secrets they keep regarding these things to happen by the end of this week and into the weekend.

Simultaneously we are also leaving the shadow of Retrograde Mercury on the 18th; Retrograde through Aries and Taurus = more money stuff, more stuff about kids, war. The Mercury influence is more about News, stories, information and its use or misuse (lies).

I am sure that a lot of secrets can stay repressed - but not forever. And a lot will break free towards the end of this week. It will not be everything by a long shot, but I doubt that much about it will be pleasant in regards to money matters. Stocks, bonds, derivatives and cryptocurrencies are likely to be EXTREMELY volatile. This can be useful or not, depending on your perspective on these things. Personally, I have been preparing. I have been growing a garden and I own cryptocurrencies, which I think is a very smart strategy. But I am not a financial advisor and am not making recommendations - everyone needs to do their own research.

One thing is sure though, the events that happen next week will be a precursor to others that will unfold over the summer and fall. In other words, this will just be a taste of what is yet to come. Buckle up, we are in for a bumpy ride.

If you would like to know how this will effect you personally then consider having a private 90 min. Astrology Reading with me. For info email me at astrologychick at


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Hi Aura. Welcome to Steemit. Stephen


Thank you Stephen, nice to meet you :-)

Aura @astroogychick to Steemit!
I just followed you resteemed and upvoted, what an interesting read. I used to be more into astrology and think now I want to revisit. I am a Virgo (9/8/79) born on my mom's birthday so she was big into astrology for that reason and so I was as well for a bit. I am a fan of the resources you listed, namely the dollar vigilante. I look forward to your posts!

Welcome to Steemit!!
You are going to love it here! ;)


Yay! I already do :-)

So glad you've joined the Steemit community! I dabble in Astrology and also keep an eye on the markets and economy. Pretty sure I'm going to look forward to following your posts!


That is really cool to hear. I will be launching my column featuring my 4D approach to Astrology, so please follow me :-)

hello @astrologychick I am very intersted in astrology..welcome to steemit..looking forward for your posts!!!


Thanks! I will be introducing a column on here featuring my unique 4D approach to Astrology. Please follow me!

Welcome to Steemit!



Welcome to Steemit. Now I have someone, astrology guru, to refer to.


Lol, glad to be here :-)

I haven't studied astrology in depth, but things in the financial world really seem to be speeding up.


also a Taurus =)


Yes, they most definitely are. The total solar eclipse in August will have a dramatic impact, and we enter the front end of it's influence on the 21st, so the next 6 months are going to be a really crazy time.

Hi! I appreciated your insights. I am an Aries/Vedic Pisces and I have been feeling a shift in my financial situation- it seemed to be improving. Your article explained why... Venus! Thanks so much for the explanation.


That's great to hear. The real action happens in a few days though, so make sure all your stuff is as secure as possible.

Welcome to the club! Follow me at