How did I get here?!

 Well.... I have my brother to thank for this.

He lead me here, he has been talking about Steemit for months.....I pride myself and being at the forefront of digital technology - I literally live on the computer and my phone.  So how come it took me slow long??  I really have NO idea!  I don't have an excuse. 

I am Jacqui Williams.  Creative, Resourceful. Business Owner, Digital Marketer,  Mum to 2 gorgeous girls.  Partner to Garth. Into Crypto Currencies.  Living life in full colour. Traveler. 

Serial entrepreneur - I have started from scratch 4 successful businesses,  Wedding Styling, Serviced Offices, a Medical Centre, and now work Online.  I may live in Newcastle NSW, but my mindset is global. 

Am passionate about travel, as an Australian I almost think it is a right!  It takes us so long to get anywhere on this planet, I think maybe is why us Aussies take off around the globe for a couple of years at a time - I certainly followed that well flown route to London on QF1, several times!   Have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, Hong Kong is my favourite place on this planet - I love how East and West merge in a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and smells. 

Completed a Masters of Art, being a starving artist didn't exactly turn me on, so I monetized my creativity by decorating weddings for the last 18 years - but those days are nearly over and is time to move on.  Started making the transition to working online a couple years ago, and I absolutely love it.  

If you want to see me happy, stick a paint brush in my hand,  a nice big juicy tube of oil paint on the table, with a fresh white canvas in front of me.   I can't decide if I prefer painting flowers, or social commentary.  A nice glass of Chardonnay will also suffice. 

If you want to see me sad, tell me that Roger Federer has lost a match.  I will not take it well.  

But my life wasn't always this great - a couple of years ago I lost almost everything I had due to a business deal going south.  It was my darkest hour.  But I was determined to pull my life back together, and I did!  

How did I go this?  But listening to copious amounts of podcasts - on mindset, motivation, digital marketing and healthy living.   Changed to a plant based diet - made so much easier with the encouragement of my 2 vegan daughters.  Am a green smoothie connoisseur.  

But sometimes our life has to fall apart in order for the good things to happen to us - this is certainly correct in my case.  I would not be in the happy place today, if I had not been to hell and back. 

I look forward to contributing,  creating value and getting to know you all!


Oh, you are from Austrailia,
and you like Federer than Nick Kyrgios.
Interesting, though most tennis fans like Federer.

Learned to know some Aussie view of travel and online business from your writing. Interesting.

Welcome to Steemit :D

Hey @jonathanxvi thanks for the welcome

Welcome to Steemit @artiechick. I'm an Aussie too, but living in the USA. I hope you get a chance to link up with the group #teamaustralia on Steemit.

Thanks @seablue, which part of the US are you living in? I have spent a bit of time there. Thanks for the hashtag suggestion

I'm living in Indiana. It is a bit of a change from living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. ;-)

Welcome to Steemit, Jacqui. Glad that you could join us here. That two painting looks beautiful. Have fun Steeming

Yay! On ya Sis, so glad to see you join the Steemit community. Better late than never. Sorry it took me so long to see your first post ;x .
I think you have a lot to offer to the Stemmit community, such creativity.
Steem on! Lots of love from you're brother xxxxx

Hey @daycrypter! love the pic! Still learning here, you will have to give me tips! xxxx

No prob Sis, Its lots of fun, Just gave everybody who supported you in the comments some love! Steemit rules.

Ok, I need to learn the etiquette!

A new Steemian ^^ hello @artiechick I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Hey @tradewonk, yep am a complete newbie, so watch out steemit! I am sure I can offer value however.

Awesome! Thanks @rajag234 Am grateful for any advice so that I can contribute here.

Hey @artiechick. Nice name btw. It looks like you were made exactly for this platform. The idea of surpassing our challenges and growing from it is the real essence of humanity. You are highly welcome.

thanks @nairadaddy, found my tribe

Lolx. I'm glad that there are Nigerians doing great things on #SteemIt. More of us need to come over here. All those days of idle gists on Facebook could do us all more good if we can channel just 50% of that into this platform. Remain awesome dear Just Followed you!

Hey @Nairadaddy, Thanks for the follow! Live each day fabulously!

Hello @artiechick
Welcome to steemit
Just read you article, It's quite impressive.
Now i started following you & Upvoted.
Hope to get more interesting articles from you.


Please Join me :-)
Thank You & Nice to meet you !!

Thanks @shivangi, just started to follow you.

Welcome to steemit @artiechick
You have been upvoted. Excited to see more interesting stuff from you.

Thankyou!! @madhurendra

Jacqui Williams, You pretty awesome, I like your passion, drive and entrepreneurial spirit!. You are back from hell and you would never go back, cause We are here for you. Follow me on @kryptocoin . Welcome to STEEMIT!!!!

Hey there @kryptocoin, thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to seeing you here

Welcome to steemit then Jacqui !
Glad to meet another successful entrepreneur.

Hey @mcfarhat, thanks for the comment. Great to meet you.

Welcome to STEEM! You will love it (:
I am also a new steemer, so check it out!

Thanks @atozebra such an amazing community.

Steemit Welcomes you @artiechick. Thanks to your brother as well for telling you to join Steemit. It’s an awesome place to be in.

Yeah, don't know why it took me so long! @lykkejay

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