Governor Dissal Team Center Mediation Aceh Who He Shaped Two Months ago, What's Up?

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SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH - The Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf, suddenly revoked the decree he issued regarding the establishment of the Aceh Mediation Center Team.
Decision of the Governor of Aceh Number: 180/1195/2017 issued on November 17, 2017 revoked through Decision Gubenur Aceh Number: 180/10/2018 dated January 12, 2018.
This lightning revocation is certainly a question mark. Because, just two months the decision was issued, Governor Irwandi even revoke the decision he issued.
"The Decree of the Governor of Aceh Number: 180/1195/2017 on the Establishment of Aceh Mediation Center Team is revoked and declared invalid," read a copy of the decision received by, Friday (19/1/2018).
The basis for the revocation of such decisions, described in the letter because the Governor of Aceh had earlier revoked the Governor of Aceh Regulation No. 68 of 2017 on the Establishment of the Aceh Mediation Center.
Information collected by, the Aceh Mediation Central Team has the duty to mediate every request and legal dispute deemed necessary to be resolved and to carry out consultations and coordination with the judiciary, Aceh customary assemblies and Acehnese customary court institutions.gubernur-aceh-irwandi-yusuf_20171112_151235.jpg