APXCHANGE in operation!

Hi everyone, "apxchange" was created by @maranan and the purpose is to support all members that delegate APX power by upvoting their Appics posts. It will also be used to curate other content within the Appics platform.

In this time of pandemic, I wish everyone their safety and I am one with the world in praying and hoping that this crisis will be over.

All rewards for this post will be given to @steempeak and @steem.dao as a show of support for these wonderful initiatives.



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@apxchange, Welcome on board ! Here are few tips for you! - Post regularly but dont spam, focus on good quality post.- Be interactive, comment, upvote and make friends.- Learn to make your post attractive.- Join discord community and other communities. Here is a community for you to join!Group 5.pngWitness are who run the blockchain, you can vote who should run blockchain, vote @steem-supporter as witness. We care about our blockchain, its long term value and always fight for everyone including minnows.Part of our Steem Power is always used to Help users like you to grow.

Click here to vote @steem-supporter

Hey @apxchange, Welcome to the steemit blog!

Welcome to Steem!

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