Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on Steemit.

My name is Ania and I live in Poland. I am a masseuse. I work in the medical industry. I plan and perform treatments for patients.

I am an active person. I've been running for 11 years. In this sport I feel like a fish in the water. When I run I feel that I'm alive. Running gives me incredible euphoria, freedom and joy. I also like training pole dance and swimming freestyle (completely non-technical :D).

I was running in the marathon, half-marathon and many other races on shorter distances.

I used to train running in a sports club. Present days I run only for myself - but I always loved it and it will remain so. Fulfilling my dreams would be to take part in the most prestigious and amazing run in the world - the New York Marathon! And it's not a cliché :) I was in New York, this city guarantees the power of impressions. I can not even imagine what emotions would accompany me running its streets.


I also love traveling. I graduated from a geographic university with a specialty in tourism. I would like to visit many places I learned about. Getting to know other nationalities, trying exotic flavors, feeling new smells or meeting indigenous people and their stories about traditions is for me an inner fulfillment. I absorb all my impressions like a sponge, remember and hide in my memory. It gives me enormous energy and charges my batteries. Until next travel season;)


My third love are cats. I appreciate them for having their own opinion, they are individualists. They do not feel the need to please anyone (unless they really like someone :)). They are beautiful, charming, they can recognize good people and can even their moods (and react accordingly). They send good fluids. In addition, they "pull out" diseases from humans. If I could I would take all homeless cats home.


I also like to photograph (totally amateur) places that will seduce me with something special. I live by the Baltic sea, which among other things, creates a good opportunity for taking pictures. You will be able to see not only beautiful views, but also immortalized places - souvenirs from travel.


At Steemit I am going to upload posts related to the above-mentioned topics, as well as health, diet and creativity.


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Thanks for advice! I'll rememeber ;)


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Great intro post! I'm sure you will do well on Steemit!


Thank You very much! Please keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Welcome to Steemit! Great intro! Not always easy to do, there is usually a lot to cram in. Look forward to more posts, will follow. Really look forward to hearing about your work and health. Feel free to follow or contact me if you need anything!

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