A little about myself!

A little about myself!

Hi there Stemians! I am Annette but you can call me Gie, I am new in steemit. This platform has now becoming more popular and I have known friends who are involved and so as my two other sisters who have encouraged me to join as well (@nesetteb and @choyskitchen). I hope that I will enjoy being a Stemian and eventually meet new friends from all over the world. I wish that through this platform I will be able to earn money and be able to learn posting quality content.

I am happily married to my dear and very loving husband, Jep Austria

We have a son who loves smiling, his name si Jael

My passion is posting products online, I really find it very interesting posting different products and meeting customers. I get very excited when there are lots of orders! I hope I will find same enthusiasm on posting on steemit. Please welcome me as I explore the steemit community, i am not good at blogging but I know given enough time I will be able to learn!


Welcome to steemit community my dear sister! You will enjoy, learn and meet other people from all over the world!

Yes very true, by helping others u will gain respect!

thank you sis for welcoming ang encouraging me to join!

Hey there welcome to steemit. I am sure you'll have a good time around here :)

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