For all member of steemians, i want to introduce my self, i hope that you accept me...

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Hello steemians! Im Angelito M. De lunas from Antipolo City,

im 34 years old, Working at Robinson antipolo and Robinson Metro east until now as R&M in Chowking and jollibee Store they hire as electrical and electricians,


then sometimes i have a sideline like catering in Celebrity Sports Club they hired me as a waiter and food handling for food arrangement, i like to make new design when im in cater ill always want to do is skirting and food garnishing. then sometimes they want me to be a coordinator in weeding.

As of now i`ll try this steemit to have additional income. if you want to know more about me just look my facebook account ,

follow me guys and i will follow you as well thanks again.
Lets Help one another to improve and be a blessing to one of us.


nothing need for bro just eat sleep and #beast in work !

Welcome to steemit @angelito13 enjoy it "kabayan" the word kabayan is a tagalog word it means "my countryman"

Welcome bro you are fully accepted happy Steemit don't forget to follow and upvote me @matunzy

welcome to steemit and enjoy it. i like your post so i will keep in touch with you.follow me if you want and read my posts

Welcome kabayan.
Steem On!
Enjoy your stay here:)

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Welcome to steemit fam! Pinoysteemian

That's Great Introducing @angelito13
Welcome to our community, i hope you will enjoy your time here
and write an good content for us!
Make sure you follow me to get some upvote comment and resteem from me.
And yeah i hope you have much lucky on this platform, Cheers!


Welcome here in steemit bro..

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