What does Alley Girl Means?

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My dear fellow Steemiters,

I got too excited and started to share my posts without introducing myself.

So Hello,

I am Betul Yildiz aka Alley Girl, the founder of fashion technology New York Blog.
In fact, I've started to my blogging adventure in 2005 by using MSN Space. Then I have kind of forget about writing on my blog. The truth is I was writing in Turkish. And as you can imagine, the number of people that I can reach was limited.

I have had a bunch of different blogs along the way. The one I created that talking about marketing and social media back in 2008-09. Then I finally settle down my alleygirl.com blog in 2014 in English.

I wanted to share the two passions of mine: fashion and technology (mostly internet technologies, because I've always worked for internet startups through my career.).

Today, I write about personal style, internet business, fashion technology (wearable tech and Luxury brand's technology approach), New York lifestyle, travel and a little bit my view on things. Since I am the girl from the "Alley" my blog's name is actually coming from Silicon Alley. (New York's Flatiron District known as Silicon Alley)

I hope you enjoy my opinions on these things. Before closing my introduction, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and all the fantasy stories, always looking for new books on this topic, love Star Wars, sci-fi movies... Currently working on my fantasy book.

Happy to be here and meeting you all.

You can follow me from all the other social networks

IG: @alleygirl
Twitter: @alleygirlcom
FB: @alleygirlcom



Love NYC and love fashion so I look forward to your posts

Thank you so much. I hope you'll like them. I just create a post about Valentine's day styling. Hope you like it.

welcome to steemit... am sure you will enjoy it here.
please feel free to follow me @greatman4eva

thank you so much for a warm welcome. I would like to follow you :)


Thank you so much for warm welcome. Happy to connect with you <3

Have a great time exploring the Steemit world, but most of all, just have fun :) Looking forward to more fashion related posts on Steemit!

It's great that you're on steemsugars already, it's good to be a part of a community, it will help you get comfortable on this amazing but sometimes overwhelming platform. The ladies there are nice and supportive, and most of us are happy to help with any questions you might have :)

Thank you so much @redrica. Platform finally shows we as woman support each other.

Nice to meet you, @alleygirl! Welcome to Steemit!

to meet you, too. <3

Looking very nice and I was born in New York city myself. Nice to meet a woman with an open mind! Welcome to steemit and hope you all the success for yourself in your steem journey!^^

oh that means a lot. Thank you very much and nice to meet you.

No problem:) Feel free to check my blog posts if you find anything that interests you. :) I love crypto currencies and I see you love technology as well :) I am finding ways to earn a living online since it allows me to be my genuine self and I enjoy it :)

I've seen you are a youtuber, too. check my chanel please give me some advice https://www.youtube.com/alleygirl

What kind of feedback are you looking for if I may ask?

How is the quality of the videos? The length of the videos is it too long? and how can I reach people to subscribe my channel other than waiting them to find me on youtube

Ahh okay, I will do my best to help :) Promoting your videos on several Facebook groups related to the topic of the video will help a lot. So you can join Travel Facebook groups. As for the other advice, I will be commenting on your videos lil by lil.

Sure thing :) I hope you can do the same with my channel if you find anything there that interests you^^

I'll do that. And just saw your comment on my video. Those are great feedbacks <3

I'll do that. And just saw your comment on my video. Those are great feedbacks <3

Welcome alleygirl, hope you will have a great time here on steemit!

Thank you so much. I am loving to meet new people here. just followed you

Hey @alleygirl ! Nice to meet you! Great start here on Steemit, welcome!! :)

Amy Honey

Hey Amy,
It's really nice to meet you as well. I am glad you liked my intro post. I can wait to see your amazing posts as well.

Great! I have followed you!! :). Excited to see more.

Cant wait to follow along! I just moved from NYC, so being able to keep up to date with my home city will be amazing. Love your style, too!

thank you much for the love! All my posts have some styling photos with NY background. I hope you enjoy more.

TY so much for your great comments.

i will be following along for sure! <3

thanks just follow you back <3

As amazing as I was expecting and a total New Yorker! ;)
MSN oh my God :P Memories !!!
Glad to have you on @steemsugars girl !!! Steem on :D

oh komsu,

Thanks for your great comment. I am glad I meet you all thanks to dear @sykochica introduce me with @steemsugars

Welcome! Nice to meet you and to read some more about you:-)

I can't wait to check your photos, my brother also takes photos, I told him to create an account. I can't wait to introduce you.

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!

I really enjoy your a thumb rule article. Very good tips...

Biz senin yazilarini hep cok sevdik Betul... Iyiki varsin iyiki bizimlesin... Steemit'e de cok cok hosgeldin dogrusu. ;)

Canim benim cok cok tesekkur ederim. Sen de iyiki geldin...

Hey welcome to Steemit! Saw you in Steemsugars so just to say to enjoy your stay, engage with the members and you'll be fine.
Am with you with Harry Potter😊😊

It's great to meet with fellow HP lover. :D I think you are absolutely right about being engaged with others. That's the power of this community!

Oh definitely..that's the most awesome part in here, steemsugars cool too..😚😋

I want to meet more people. I'll just try to figure it out which time is the best to hang around :)

We are international so..anytime is a best time😎😎

I can't wait to meet all the other cool girls.

I still have to meet most of them...due to time difference🤣🤣

I am also trying to understand what is the best time to meet more people :)

Anytime you're free is as good as any, though @meanmommy33 is there most of the time.

Hi @alleygirl! Looking forward to your posts.

thnak you so much. I am sharing something new everyday Keep posted :)

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