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Hi Steemians!

I'm Aljune Castro, a furniture designer, an aspiring photographer, graphic designer and a dance enthusiast who wanted to help the country by my one of a kind designs and ability.

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I'm a man who has an eye for perfection and with competitive attitude towards my every endeavor. Few of my many passions are photography and graphic designing.

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These passions of mine enabled me to become a freelance photographer of any event and a freelance product designer of small developing firms in Bohol, Philippines.

These shows that not only I am good in designing things and capturing moments but I'm also a good in managing my time efficiently.

Right now, I'm currently residing at Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines to make a living. And besides my many endeavors in life, I'm also one of the author and blogger behind the blog "walkwiththeduo" together with my girlfriend, Adeline Enad also known as @adeline24 here on steemit.

Steemit - Walk with the Duo.jpg

Here are some of my works on instagram:

Steemit - Instagram-01.jpg

Steemit - Instagram-02.jpg

Steemit was introduced to me by @adeline24 & @chameh. They encourage me to join the platform because they know that I have a lot of content to contribute especially to growing community of photography and graphic designing.

I'm so happy to be part of this community, Hoping that @blocktrades @curie @papapepper @surpassinggoogle @bayanihan @steemgigs @steemph @acidyo @purepinay will appreciate this post.

That's all. Thank you for dropping by. 😉


Hello and welcome to steemit enjoy the platform

Hello @maryahoc. Thank you. 😊 Hope you like my future post.

I would definitely ..... looking forward for your future posts

Hi @aljunecastro it's my honor to welcome you to steemit community. I'm sure you will enjoy being here and learned a lot of things from brilliant people in the society. Looking forward to see more blogs from you. Steem On!

Hello @chameh. Thank you so much, it is my pleasure to be welcomed by brilliant people here in steemit. Hoping for the support of the whole community and for my future post. Steem On!

Welcome to steemit! You’re such a talented person. You’ll surely have fun here!

Woww! Hello @ohkaaay! Thanks for appreciating my talent. 😊 Hope you enjoy my future post!

Sure! Looking forward to your posts then. :) see you around friend!

Hey @alujunecastro and welcome to the Steemit Community!
I wish you a good luck and the best for you here!
Lets do our best!

See you later! ~@nhaakim

Hello @nhaakim. Thanks you. Yahh! Goodluck to us and lets do our very best. 😊

Hope you enjoy being here :)

Yayy! Thank you @maryarez. Hope you enjoy my future post. 😊

welcome to the community steemit


Hey @lopezdacruz. Thank you for welcoming me here in steemit. 😊

Welcome to the community @aljunecastro

Thank you for pushing me to join steemit. 😊

Welcome to Steemit! If you are into hip-hop music, you should check out my page!

There is new song post every day and I cover some really cool up and coming hip-hop artists!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time on Steemit!

Thank you @jamesgeraghty. Woahh! I'll check your page. I love hip-hop music. That's cool.
Hope you enjoy my future post. 😊

Welcome to steemit @aljunecastro. Have fun and steem on! :)

Hi @mixaccount. Thank you for welcoming me. 😊 Steem on!

Welcome to Steemit! 😀

Hi @jassennessaj ! Thank you so much for helping me. 😊 God bless to you. Steem on!

Welcome to steemit community!

Hey @juanderer . Thank you. God bless. Steem on! 😊

Welcome to Steemit!!

Thank you @aphrodite , God bless. Steem on!

Welcome to Steemit Philippines. Check out @steemph and join us in discord to connect with other Filipinos on Steemit.

Visit #guide-for-newbies room to get onboarded to everything steemit and ask questions using the #question-and-answer room.

Check out our @steemph hubs:

Hello @steemph . Thank you for welcoming me here in steemit! God Bless. 😊

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