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Hi everyone,

I joined Steemit so i can share some good and usefull videos that will hopefully contribute to better community.

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Hey, Mr video guru ;) Hope you will have a great time here on Steemit. And you will! :)) Best of luck

I am into motivation, psychology and healthy lifestyle, in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed

Happy you joined.

Thanks for tricking me into sending 5SBD to @steempromos and getting scammed. That was my wife's birthday gift money from someone. Nice job.

Hi, there's no tricking, service starts on April 1st, and you have your spot reserved along with upvotes. So no worries.

I hope so, because from the looks of it, it's a scam. There are no responses to anybody who has commented on the posts on @steempromoter 's wall. And the reputation is a 1 which is a pretty obvious sign. I should have paid better attention.. If anyone is reading this, I would probably stay away from @steempromoter as you will probably lose your money. @alesno1 your profile isn't a very convincing one btw..

100% a scam, name and shame.