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I'm Akpoghene Samuel (Akpolopez) from Delta State & resides in Enugu State Nigeria. I was introduced to steemit by @theheralds. I'll be posting on sports, latest technologies, food & recipe etc and i hope to get your support.

Picture below consists of my colleagues who are also steemians in Enugu.
Steemit roll.jpg


Congratulations @akpolopez, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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Hello! Welcome to steemit! I’m sure you’ll have an awesome journey in here. Have fun posting whatever they may be. Explore and enjoy!!! May the good God give you innumerable blessings. Steem on!

Hi @akpolopez
Welcome to the steemit community
I just upvoted you
For more upvotes on subsequent posts, follow me @paragon99

Welcome to steemit bro...
It's an awesome place.

Hi Akpoghene. You have a great smile. :-)

You are highly welcome

Welcome to steemit
I can't wait to read your post on food and recipe

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