Introducing myself

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hello everyone, my name is cedric I found out about steemit a few weeks ago and decided to join. I am a young electronics Engineer Embedded software and hardware developer, and like many I felt very discouraged after my first post, I decided to take a time off and learn from my mistakes , I took time to read a lot of other peoples post and I've discovered beside the idea of making money in here there is actually a lot of information to learn i fell in love of the platform, I decided to stick around for the good reason this time I guess.

welcome to my blog, drop a comment like and upvote (-:

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Welcome to Steemit. I have followed you. Have a nice time ahead.

I am excited to read your future posts. Good luck and welcome! Please consider checking out and @minnowsupport. It is a great community of individuals that will help you get started and can answer all of your questions.

Welcome to Steem @akili I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Hello Akili!! Glad to see more people like you - here joining steemit !! Becoming a steamian is a great adventure! Here you can win money while bloging! At the beginning it wouldn't be easy, but it isn't impossible. So just write from your heart and everything will be allright. ! Cheers! Greetings, @khunpoom !

Welcome to steemit @akili I have upvote your post and have fun here. This is a very amazing platform once this platform can definitely help you. I hope you feel at home in this platform. And do not forget to follow me here @vogard04

Welcome to Steemit, Cedric! Have fun :)

Hi!!Nice to meet you and glad to see more people like you in this comunity Steemit! Becoming a steaminion is a great adventure, a good idea and a good hobby! Here you can win money while bloging and writing stories from your life! The start it wouldn't be easy, but it isn't impossible. So just write cool stories and everything will be verry good. Wish all the best! Seya!
With love, @dianamihaela!

Welcome to Steemit Adric. I'm certain you will be able to add value to this amazing platform. Wishing you the best and Following your blog. :)

A new Steemian :-) hello @akili I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, Wish you much luck! I Have upvoted and will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Welcome to Steemit ! have fun with it. Followed. Follow me back 😘