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Change is inevitable-
We often hear or should I say one of the most famous lines in the world is that “Change is constant” that there’s nothing you can do to stop people, things, or even nature, etc. from changing. And by joining this community/family I know I’m about to change the path that I would take for the better. And by joining I will be able to find people who will guide me with this path that I’m about to take. Here is a little information about myself and I hope you guys will guide me in this path that and together we will reach our goals.
Hi I am Adrian James Q. Ong a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student and currently studying in UC-LM. I was inspired to join this community/family by @josealmergepegs at first I was very hesitant because I only have a little knowledge in arts but here I am. I took the risk coz I know you my fellow steemians will help me in this journey. I also love sports and I am a basketball enthusiast and my life revolves around this orange/brown/red ball. I find this sport as a stress reliever and a go-to “person” whenever I have a problem. (As if this game is a human being. 😁) I grew up playing the game and honestly I, don’t know what will happen to me if ever one day this game will vanished in a thin air. I’ve tried being a captain ball, a champion, and most of alllosing. Which is a very big challenge to me and it also inspires me to practice more and to do well in the following games.

I also love to travel and as of now the farthest place that I’ve ever been was in Sagada which is located in Mountain Province, Philippines. One of its “a must go to place” is the “Hanging Coffins.” I really forgot the reason why it is hanged and not buried. There’s a lot of things to do in Sagada which will surely satisfy your cravings for traveling. As of now I’m promising myself to travel the world together with my most beautiful mom who worked so hard just to give me all the needs that I need in order to survive in this world. But first of all I must finish my education in order to reach that dream or as early as now with the help coming from you, my fellow steemians friends/family you could help me reach my dreams by just upvoting, resteeming my post and that would mean a lot. And now my journey begins with you my fellow steemians.

Truly yours,

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Welcome to steemit buddy .. sa wakas modato nska

Hi and welcome, you finally made a right decision in joining steemit. I suggest you to follow the most notable member of this awsome community. They can guide you more than I can do. If you're not yet on my Group chat, inform me if you want. If there's something I can help you with, never hesitate to connect with me either way possible.

I am looking forward to see your best content here and wish that I could finally know more about the awsomest version of yourself.

Connect with the people around you. Maybe a local steemians out there or perhaps someone you meet on a bus. This way you will gain friendship and support both social and emotional.

Remember you are the only you. Be unique and find yourself different from others. Reward yourself by doing only what you love to do. Be creative, there is no easy money but there joy in hardship and hardness. Work smart not hard. Laverage your idea by reading other's content.

Gain trust by abstaining plagiarism. Copying is not a solution to your problems nor a way to achieve your dreams.

Remember that steemit really can support a living. We have seen evidence that there are people like us here who earn more than profissionals earned from their profission. Steemit pays for efforts, so seek for it.

Forget about money, just create content from the things that you love. Enjoy steeming and everything will be put into please. In short, everything will follow, the rewards, the recognition, and the acknowledgment.

Always think positive, never give up steeming. You may not get much in your first year but I'm sure and it is clear that 5 years from now you will reap good harvest if you don't give up. Remember steemit is a long term journey.

Happy steeming buddy. I hope that you will connect with me so that I can help you the best way I can.

welcome to the family @ aj13ong, have a nice day ahead!


English najud kaayo nis mels oy 😂

welcome to the club :)

Welcome to steemit Ong! 😊

Hi Welcome to Steem. Congratulations! It's an awesome community. I followed you. Please follow back. Good Luck.82dac99-285x300.jpg


Much appreciated sir @steemcafe. Favor returned. 😁

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Ongskie hahaha