Derawar Fort in Bahawalpur Pakistan.

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Derawar Fort in Bahawalpur Pakistan.

Bahawalpur Pakistan is neither a story of two urban areas nor a voyaging account. Bahawalpur relates to be one of the fascinating scenes of the historical backdrop of the subcontinent. The story tells how audacious Abbasid remainders after the ruin of their domain at Baghdad got another rent of life on the Indian soil.

You can make an intersting outings from Bahawalpur, entire day trip requiring a four-wheel drive vehicle to Derawar Fort (Qila Derawar), through the semi-betray of cholistan.


You require a manual for take you to Derawar, and furthermore consent from the present Amir of Bahawalpur to get inside the post. The drive takes three to four hours through fasinating infertile scene. The cholistan leave covers 26,000 sq km (10,000 sq miles) and stretches out into the Thar forsake to India. The entire territory was once all around watered by the stream Ghaggar, now called the Hakara in Pakistan, and referred to in vedic circumstances as the Sarasvati. Up and down the 500 km (300 miles) of the went away waterway are more than 400 archeological destinations. The majority of these date from the indus civilisation, 45,00 years back, and are grouped round Derawar Fort, the main enduring water gap in the abandon. There is almost no to make out today.

The abandon has a normal precipitation of 12 cm (5 inches) a year, and there is next to no civilisation. The underground water is bitter. The few individuals of the forsake dive counterfeit wells in the troughs between the sand slopes and utilize camels to draw the water up.

In the stormy season the burrow artificials lakes, and when these lakes become scarce they move out of the betray. Cholistan DesertThe individuals of the forsake live in tall round cabins molded like steeples, which they expand on the most astounding sand slopes and which keep out a large portion of the sun. The lean agile ladies wear since a long time ago accumulated red skirts. They live by raising dairy cattle and reproducing camels. The Amir's private crowds of reproducing camels are kept at Derawar. There are some execellent photos of wanderers' lifestyle in the Bahawalpur historical center.

Derawar Fort (Qila Derawar) is in great condition, its dividers are in place and still protected by officers in fezes. Its age is obscure. The tombs of the Amirs of Bahawalpur are likewise at Derawar, adorned with appealing blue coated tiles appearing differently in relation to the ochre scene. A portion of the guns which were utilized circumstances back by the Army of Bahawalpur are likewise kept in this post.

Consistently a Jeep Ralley is held in the leave of Cholistan. This Race is famous to the point that individuals from everywhere throughout the world go to the betray to see and take part in the jeep ralley. This jeep ralley is communicated live by some neighborhood channels of Pakistan. It is extremely justified, despite all the trouble spending each penny to come here and watch the Cholistan jeep ralley Bahawalpur.


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