I am so happy to be here : my intro to you


I am so happy to meet you in this occasion in new media of Steemit. Well, my name is ahmed. I come from Indonesia. I was born in Jakarta, on Desember 12th, 1986. My family and I live in Medan. My hobby is planting and like animals. I really love movie especially holliwood movie. Teaching is the other thing that I love because since I study at Education Science faculty, I began to teach others students in Campus. That is why I am very interested in learning Science. I have three brothers and two sisters. I really love them. They really support my career. We often spend time together in the weekend. I think that’s all about myself. Thank you so much for your nice attention.


Welcome to steemit. How are today

gl , steemit.org has been having some problems functioning lately, but good luck to you, nice post