my introduction

hello steemian wherever you are, hopefully in the abundance of fortune and in the creator's cover.
Introduce my name agus, I am the first in steemit, I know steemit from comrade arms.
I am a university student of malikussaleh agriculture
I am very helpful with the application of steemit, in addition to hobby as a writer, I can also be rewarded in the form of money from each user account steemit that mengvoting my writing.


Welcome to steemit @agusalim87
Good post the introduce community esteem
Follow me @ikbal1

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. Here is my upvote to get you started!

bal kajak murno b.inggris ile hhaa @ikbal1

thanks for your upvote @gamersclassified

Google translite hana jet iboh arti hehe

hahaa bereh cums kemayang nyan

Oke bereh, hana masalah

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oh , welcome to Steemit :) hope you success here

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