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hi, I am Jainy, I am 33 years old. I am a biology teacher. I live in Aceh, Indonesia's westernmost province. You know Indonesia? Have you ever been to Bali? Pulau Weh is also very beautiful for you to visit, the island is not far from my house.

My Hobby is farming, gardening, and rearing. I really like the plants. I think this plant is very unique, each has a different character, therefore I study and enjoy my activities and I really like it.

I have a garden that is not so wide, but I have experience that I have to say. Because I'm sure, it's not just me who has a hobby of gardening. You also like gardening, is not it? Being a gardener is fun, you will get interesting experiences and science about gardening directly. Backed by gardening results that became the satisfaction of the heart and made a lot of money for my family.

I have married 5 years ago, I have a daughter and a boy, they are funny. They become our innovation to grow, they become our life spur.

I was invited to join steemit by my brother @hubbi and @albuluhi. they made me interested to write my experience here. I can share with you and I get rewarded, if steemians interested in my work, I also get. we will always be lucky in steemit.

I need your support and your direction to be the best, I will succeed here because steemians will help fellow steemians. Also to the curators I hope they see my work.

hai, saya Jainy, umur saya 33 tahun. Saya seorang guru biologi yang suka berkebun. Saya tinggal di Aceh, provinsi paling barat Indonesia. Kamu tau Indonesia? Pernahkah kamu ke Bali? Pulau Weh juga sangat indah untuk anda kunjungi, pulau ini tidak jauh dari rumah saya.

Hoby saya berkebun, saya sangat suka tanaman. Menurut saya tanaman ini sangat unik, masing-masing memiliki karakter yang berbeda, oleh karena itu saya belajar dan menikmati aktivitas saya dan saya sangat menyukainya.

Saya memiliki kebun yang tidak begitu luas, tapi saya punya pengalaman yang harus saya katakan. Karena saya yakin, bukan hanya saya yang memiliki hobi berkebun. Anda juga suka berkebun bukan? Menjadi tukang kebun itu menyenangkan, Anda akan mendapatkan pengalaman menarik dan sains tentang berkebun secara langsung. Didukung oleh hasil berkebun yang menjadi kepuasan hati dan menghasilkan banyak uang untuk keluarga saya.

Saya sudah menikah 5 tahun yang lalu, saya memiliki anak perempuan dan anak laki-laki, mereka lucu. Mereka menjadi inovasi kita untuk tumbuh, mereka menjadi kehidupan kita memacu.

Saya diajak bergabung di steemit oleh adik saya @hubbi dan @albuluhi. mereka membuat saya tertarik untuk menulis pengalaman saya di sini. Saya bisa berbagi dengan Anda dan saya mendapat imbalan, jika steemians tertarik dengan karya saya, saya juga mendapatkan keuntungan. kita akan selalu beruntung dalam steemit.

Saya membutuhkan dukungan dan arahan Anda untuk menjadi yang terbaik, saya akan sukses di sini karena steemians akan membantu sesama steemians. Juga untuk kurator ( @levycore dan @aiqabrago) saya berharap mereka melihat karya saya.

Thank you for support
always visit me


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Hello @agrojaya.. Welcome joining steemit community. steemit is a social media that rewards you through interesting posts and comments. I think you have the ability to give interesting writing in steemit. your good work will be appreciated. good luck. And thank you very much... :D

Welcome to steemit @agrojaya

Hai, hallo @agrojaya.. Welcome di Steemit! Suka melihat anda datang di sini.. telah upvote yah.. :-}


thank you, support me, please!

Nice to meet you, @agrojaya! Welcome to Steemit!


thank you, support me please!

Welcome to steemit, have nice experience and big reward.


thank you, I have much to learn here. I hope you support me.

Welcome dear @agrojaya!

Hello @agrojaya
Nice to meet you sir.
Just read your article, It's quite well.
Hope to get more interesting articles from you.
Now i'm following you & Upvoted this.


Please join me & follow pls :-)


Thank you

Welcome to steemit..
Semoga berjaya @agrojaya

Selamat datang di steemit. Semoga sukses.🤗

Welcome to steemit @agrojaya

Selam kenal sahabat. Ditunggu update news dari kamu,


thank you

Hi Jainy... Nice to meet you... Welcome to Steemit..🌹.. This is a nice intro post... I hope you will do great over here as a steemian..😊.. Follow Me @onority


Thank u..


You are most welcome… 😊

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That is a beautiful garden! Following you and wishing you the best of luck :)


thank you, support me, please!
you must visit me for new posting, there are some unique must show to you

Welcome to steemit and to the hobbyhub. :)

I live in Norway and in a block in the 12`th floor, so my possibility for gardening is limited.
And i dont have so very "green hands" i have got some plants here, but so far i have manage to kill all of them by forgetting to water them, or watering them to much and so on.. lol

I still find your hobby interesting, as i find everything about nature and science interesting.
So i follow you now, and hope to see many interesting posts about your hobby and work. :)

And maybe also some pictures of the nature in general from where you live :)

I hope you have a great day when you read this. :)

I really liked your spot for Indonesia I heard, but I would like to visit her and see your beautifully landscaped garden you are very worthy that I like

Selamat datang di steemit. Saleum

Very inspiring

Welcome to Steemit. This was a really nice post. Keep sharing a post about gardening. Have fun Steeming.

A new Steemian ^^ hello @agrojaya I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk