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Hello, Steemians, my name is Cristal Rodriguez but my alias is adreini, I'm from Caracas-Venezuela, I came this plataform thanks a friend who told me about it, now I will tell you a little story about myself, what I like most in life is music, sports and languages (though I only know one), but I intend to learn in a few years.


Since I was little I had a fixation for the guitar but my parents (for not knowing about the topic), said that the guitar was too big for me, so they took me to an extension of the Fundación Bigott (Bigott Foundation), where I learned to play the venezuelan cuatro (Venezuela's national instrument and smaller than a guitar), and drum African-Venezuelan (Sangueo). Years later they finally bought me my first guitar but there was a problem, I did not know how to play it and I couldn't enter classes because I did not know where I could go to learn, I was 12 years old, so I decided to study online, watching Youtube videos or learning in other web pages, over time I learned to play the guitar on my own. The music became a vice for me so much that I could be playing for 7 hours.


Later I learned a little to play the drums and keyboard, later I entered the Escuela de Música Prudencio Esaá (Prudencio Esaá Music School), to learn to read sheet music and I started to study classical piano.

Studying piano has been the best choice I could have made in my life, I love the piano for its delicate sound and it's a very complete instrument.

I spent many years with the debate about which instrument I liked the most, whether the guitar or the piano, but since December of last year I opted for the piano. Now I want to be able to play in any musical genre, now, apart from the classic, I can execute salsa, merengue and I'm learning a little jazz.


I am studying at Universidad Experimental de las Artes or UNEARTE (Experimental University of the Arts). I hope you liked my first publication, I pretend to publish covers of piano and guitar mainly but from time to time I can add varied content.


Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome @adreini
Very good introduction!

There is no instrument that can convey and empathize emotions like the piano.

Great Story. Welcome!

Hello there and welcome to Steemit! I can't play music to save my life but I'm glad you found your passion. I hope you enjoy creating content and I look forward to following you to see what you bring to the Steemit community.

Welcome to Steemit. You are clearly a very musically talented person. Learning all of those instruments is not an easy task.

Best of Luck,
Spencer Coffman

P.S. - Feel free to follow me for some great articles!

Welcome Cristal

Bienvenida a Steemit amiga que disfrutes mucho

Welcome to steemit community, hopefully you get new experiences, insights, and science here. And hopefully you can give new color in steemit, saam know from me @teukukhaidir.

Will we get to hear some of your music @adreini?

Yes, of course, I apologize for the delay, Soon I will upload an instrumental music that I will do.

Looking forward to it!

Welcome! welcome! welcome! To Steemit !!!!😎

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welcome to steemit dear!

Awesome. Welcome to steemit @aderini . Am glad you are here on steemit.i sure can't wait to read your musical instruments and our play them.

Am following you now, so I'll be alerted the moment you make any post.

I upvoted you,it might be small probably because my voting power is reduced at this time, but it's just a sign of my good will.

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Welcome to Steemit, Cristal. Guitar and piano eh! Great! do share you playing sometimes. Interesting introduction post! Keep sharing and have fun Steeming.

Nice to meet you. Welcome to Steemit! You will enjoy the platform for sure! :)

Welcome to Steemit. Wow, you play quite a few instruments. Nice!

welcome ....

Oye que genial!! Bienvenida!!

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