My only motives are to encourage new people and developers to build on steem. Vote from @tipu was for free because I really appreciate that there are people who take their time and money to make this platform valuable. Punishing them for doing so without any explanation in advance how this works is just wrong.

The post was downvoted from $120 to $30. Now it's a little better but still, clearly staying on trending for as long as possible is very important for services like these.

Now imagine that the dev is like "wtf, why I'm being punished, clearly those people don't want me here" - steem for sure will go far (and is going currently...) if we're gonna treat new people/devs(!) like this...

I did leave an explanation and I'm not the only one doing the downvotes, after the ocdb downvote and trail it was at $60 with plenty of trending attention. People are encouraged to develop and build here cause of the low uptime cost and the community waiting for new dapps to test them out, just because this one is another gambling dapp and aside from myself there were not many others testing it doesn't mean they should get free marketing on top of it all.

As I said if you felt it was overdownvoted you just had to upvote it, look at that other promoted post on trending that we can't even get under $90 anymore cause people like you don't even use their downvoting power. So maybe ease up on trying to guilttrip downvoters.

just because this one is another gambling dapp and aside from myself there were not many others testing it doesn't mean they should get free marketing on top of it al

I think you don't see where STEEM is now (#81 marketcap), where it is going and how badly it needs every new developer / dapp. Free promotion for new dapp is not the worst thing that can happen to STEEM... I understand what you want to achieve but you're missing the point that your are discouraging people. Who knows, maybe one day STEEM will be exactly how you want it to be - with you as the only user...

This is not low-effort post to milk the system, it's an actual dev who put his time and money to create something on this platform. And it's not some open-source shitty gambling app, you can see the custom made graphics and the overall vision.

As for resteems - his previous intro post used no promotion and it simply got lost, totally unnoticed by anyone. Paid promotion is the most basic way to get attention and it should be in build into the very core of steem. Why it's not - I have no idea.

Who knows, maybe one day STEEM will be exactly how you want it to be - with you as the only user...

You clearly don't seem to know who you're talking to. But sure go ahead pretending to be the good guy who cares about new Devs on steem while discouraging people to use their downvotes. My goal here was to encourage them to burn rewards in the future like kryptogames did the other day by promising to burn post rewards and I voted that up "also for free" ( you're very generous btw ).

Honestly not even gonna bother reading the rest of your comment after that first shit. Keep using our marketcap rank to push your agenda while never using downvotes on your bid bot and we'll see how fast we'll turn into the shit we were pre HF.

I don't think I have the right to take money from other's people posts using SP that is not mine.

No idea why you get angry but it tells me that you might be misjudging a lot of things because of your negative emotions. You might be thinking that you're always 100% right, but you're not. No one is. The problem is that the damage you're doing sometimes is hard to fix - discouraged people probably won't come back. And you can tell yourself that those are only to milk the system and they're not worth to be here but as far as I know - everyone makes mistakes.

If you want to punish unaware users for their first, not intended mistake by taking 75% of their payout and the ability to promote their apps on steem - it's your call.

I get angry because "what is wrong with people" from someone who never uses downvotes to clean this place up judging those who do. Doesn't matter if it's your SP or not, it's delegated to you and you should use it to adjust where the rewardpool goes. One downvote equals one upvote to the rest of users which you already know. Then you go on to say that I want this place for myself while you by now should very well know my efforts for retention and onboarding. So, sorry but that sounded like it was coming out of your ass and I have no time to get into debates about bullshit like this when there's millions of other people and developers that don't know about steem so my frustration grows by the amount of replies and time I have to give you. I already explained the reason to my downvotes and why people should consider burning rewards in future promotion. Thanks for nullifying that and discouraging downvotes on promotion. Enjoy falling down the coinmarketcap ranks further when content discovery and proof of brain is dead again by having a trending full of garbage ads that barely lose any revenue by promoting it. Which is what got us down to this rank to begin with.

I don't think that trending is full of garbage and that posts about new dapp on steem are the ones that should get downvoted.

Now, is there any place / discord group where people link low-effort posts that get high rewards thanks to bid bots? I mean some place that would help me find the posts that should get downvoted.

I don't think that trending is full of garbage

Good, let's keep it that way.

I don't understand the relevancy of your last question and I don't know if such a place exists, there used to be a channel on slack but I'm not in there anymore due to hypocrisy of the creator.

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