Hello Steemit! I'm @acidsun

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Hello Steemit!

I apologize if there are errors, my english is poor =)

My name is Vladislav. I'm 28 years old and am Tatar by nationality. I born & live in Chekmagush - in a small village from the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russia). I have a wonderful wife and daughter.

I am a designer by education. Often I participate in contests on bitcointalk.
Some of my works:

I learned about steemit on bitcointalk. Decentralized social media is a amazing idea!!! I very excited by this new and amazing platform. I think cryptocurrencies it is an opportunity to become independent from state.
I hope that blokchain technology will allow me to be free. I hate to work for bosses, it's kill my soul.
I am currently working on opening his shop.

Some quick facts about me:

  • I do not drink and do not smoke
  • I do collect medicinal plants in summer
  • I'm learning to play on jew's-harp
  • I Iove cooking
  • I do not watch the news

Thanks to all!

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I had to google what a jew's-harp was.
For other uninitiated:

Very interesting looking instrument! How do you play it?

Just got to expand my nationalities knowledge by googling "Tatar nationality", very cool :-)
Also I would love to know what kind of medicinal plants grow in the area where you live!


i collected blooming sally, сhaga mushroom, amanita, chamomile, мelissa, and much more.


Amazing thanks for the info :-)

That's some nice work! Welcome Vladislav!

Cool! Welcome!! : DDDD

приятно познакомиться Владислав.
мы с тобой похожи.
Только я на варгане пока что не играю, а по остальным пунктам сходится))