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RE: Hello! Salut! こんにちは! Xin chào! 你好!Hola! नमस्ते My Introduction

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Hi Sylvia, welcome to Steemit!

I hope you find fellow educators, travelers, and photographers to share and interact with :)


Thank you Asher ;)

Your such a well travelled wee bee Sylvia! I know you'll make a great addition to the Steemit team - hop on board!! We must discuss the number of countries we've discovered one day! If you need any help give me or Asher a shout ;) Steem on!! UV/RS.

Glad we can finally (stee)meet @mindhunter! I've read and seen a few of your past blogs thanks to Asher. Happy to get to know you more through this platform and thank you so much for the upvote and resteem! I'm in the process of learning how all this works but any tips/recommendations are more than welcome.

Yes, we meet at last @osm0sis - I'm sure Asher has informed you of all the marine life on Steemit :)! The only advice I'd give you here is to speak from the heart <3 and you'll never go wrong - this is a whole different ball game from Facebook ;) (but I don't need to tell a well travelled woman all that!) Steem on!

Haha...Yes he has! It's a scary underwater world in here. I'm just a little plankton for now. Keep swimmin'... just keep swimmin' :)

Be sure and check out my good friend @bibek from Nepal - he's such a lovely humble Steemian minnow :)

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