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Hello to the entire Steemit community. Welcome to my blog.  I introduce myself to all of you, my name is Abel Gallardo, I'm from Venezuela, I'm 25 years old. I am a medical student at the Ruiz y Páez Hospital in Ciudad Bolívar.  I hope you like my stories. 

Today I will show you some photos of a trip I made to Montreal, Canada. I went to visit my brother who is 4 years old living there and it is really going great.  This year's journey was pretty crazy. I was traveling TWO DAYS with stops in Panama and Mexico to get there, however everything was quite good.

  Among the interesting things I did was go to the rib fair, at Vieaux Port in Montreal. I ate the best meats that I could taste. 

Another thing that was quite good, was to try again Poutine in the Belle Province, honestly it was excellent. 

 If you ask me? It is the best, the people are nice, the weather at least in summer and autumn was excellent, I just need to know all winter. 

 Well, I hope you like the photos, if you want more travel stories will come from the positive of your messages.  I hope you have a nice day. 


Hi Abel, welcome to the Steem blockchain

Thanks bro!

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welcome to steemit...hope you will enjoy

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Welcome to Stemit! This is a great place to find all kinds of valuable information.

Best Of Luck!
Spencer Coffman

Thank you @spencercoffman Have a good day!

Bienvenido a esta gran comunidad y que tengas una calida bienvenida :D, usualmente cunado eres nuevo pedirán que los sigas a todos como locos pero es normal, todos quieren brillar en esta grandiosa plataforma de mucha oportunidades, saludos cordiales @abelgdo

Gracias por el recibimiento! Saludos cordiales. @thewinter

Hey! You made a great choice joining this awesome community. You’re going to have a great time here. Keep Steeming!

great intro! I followed and upvoted you too! hope you can do same :)


Welcome to steemit community, by joining in steemit then you will add new insights and knowledge, you also can share new things that have not been known by others. Greetings know from me @teukukhaidir

Hey @abelgdo! Nice to meet you here! Good luck to you and us! I'm more or less "new" here, too... This is my introduceyourself:


Greetings from Paraguay!

Aiiiiii, mi corazon es feliz... Mi amigo y hermano, con mucho gusto! Yo deseo salud y suerte!

Yes love the trip to Canada photos!
Gotta love the poutine eh? LOL
I just made my introduce yourself post as well.
(20 year old moved to Japan at 18 years old to chase my dreams ive had since 7)
Appreciate all the photos of Canada.
Would love to see more so im going to follow you.😊

Thank you very much for following me. I'm following you too.
Pursuing your dreams is what you should do, the effort and sacrifice will be worth it.
I hope to see your post!
Regards! @dylansjourney


Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you! @lidac Have a nice day!

Welcome friend! Never made it up to Canada, but your post makes me want to.. Happy Steeming

Thanks bro! Have a nice day!

Bienvenido 🙂 también somos nuevos, empezamos hace una semana recién. Canadá debe ser un país precioso y por las fotos fuiste en el mejor momento del año jajaa la imagen que se me viene a la cabeza cuando me dice Canadá es nieve ( como si no tuvieran primavera y verano) 😅 saludos y te seguiremos para ir leyendo tus historias.

Muchas gracias hermano!
Es un país excelente, espero ir muchas veces más. Por nada Montreal es la 5ta mejor ciudad para vivir en el mundo.
Espero que puedas ir en algún momento y lo conozcas.
Y sí, me comentan que el frío es lo peor que hay allá, es muy fuerte, pero que se aprende a soportar.

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Welcome to steemit!
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I am medicine student too :)
Nice to meet you here and hope that you prosper in your steemit journey

Bienvenido a bordo amigo!!! Mucho éxito y que disfrutes tu estadía acá en Steemit

Welcome to steemit @abelgdo, a great community, where having fun is the idea, success in your publications, count on me and follow me

bemvindo e se divirta - sou arista visual do brasil, seguindo voce :)

Muito obrigado, companheiro. Tenha um bom dia! @ivelton