my first introduction on steemit,first dtube post

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Hey buddies

This is my first post on steemit and dtube and I'm so happy to be part of this mind blowing community. I am a blogger ,I write articles especially news . I got to know about steemit through my friends datima112 and deeroy.
I am a resident in Nigeria, Akwa ibom ,I was very happy to see the awesome article's posted by people in this awesome community, I hope to contribute positively to this platform and meet amazing people.

Looking forward to knowing you guys more!


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How does one benefit?

Hey hun
Welcome aboard.
Wishing you a successful ride.
Here sure is an amazing place ... so I hope you do have an awesome time steeming.

Nb/ followed back 😏😋♥♥

Hello there dear? Welcome to steemit! Enjoy your stay here and just mingle with fellow steemians.

Thank you

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