Hi @bsfmalaysia, does BSF in your name stand for Black Soldier Fly? I also have a BSF composting system in my backyard 😃

Back to the topic, the bot you are mentioning does not have enough delegators for us to compare accurately, but it seems that their upvotes might be the same as ours but their daily payout is actually lower then our offer.

Hi @smartvote yes! We are a group of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs-wannabe intending to establish a large scale black soldier fly farm in Malaysia. What a coincidence to meet a fellow BSF enthusiast here on Steemit! Really nice to meet you here!

Back to the topic, their offer is indeed slightly lower, but their minimum delegation is 2SP, so yeah, good for the Steemit newbies :)

We are decreasing our entry delegation to a fixed 25 SP as we will be recover our expenses in other ways. Hopefully, this will help more newbies to grow with us.

Why is it not profitable to admit delegation of 25 SP under current plan? Or will you be making a loss?

It's not just profitability but also management. There are other reasons including:

  • if we lower too much, it's opening door to abusers who create multiple accounts. We manually upvote for quality control so this would also create too much work.
  • if someone delegates 1 SP, they should receive 10 SP upvotes which is virtually impossible to do with our current Steem Power. It's not even 1% vote weight... 25 SP is the minimum we can do.

Thanks, very detailed explanation