Hi, my name is Norm Deplume and STEEM is going to be my therapy


People of STEEM!

My name is Norm DePlume and I think I've found a place I can let off some REAL Steam. (Love the name by the way, lol).

There's a lot going on in my head and it needs an outlet. I'm not the type to curl my friends' ears with mishaps and dilemmas but It has to come out one way or another If you know anything about physics, energy has to transferred and changed into something else. It won't simply dissolve.

Being extremely discreet doesn't help the situation either. Sometimes I feel a ticking time bomb and I just want to explode. Sometimes I would go weeks bring cranky and intolerant, random bursts of anger or outbursts of tears (in private) from what feels like despair, hopelessness and confusion.

I appear to have gotten myself trapped in a perpetual Twilight Zone/Hell. I have yet to figure a (quick) way out. I have no one to blame but myself. I will say this, I did it all in the name of good. I guess the jokes on me. My stories are going to be hilarious, petty, disgusting horrifying and almost unbelievable but true. You can't make this stuff up.

My content is going to come across racy and raw, even harsh at times. I'm just going to open up the valves and release my pressure a bit.
Steem will be my therapy, where I'll come to exhale my frustrations without having to deal with being censored and/or temporary deactivated.
Not to mention, making light of and finding the humor in my situations while making a few bucks couldn't hurt either. I think that's a fair exchange, don't you think?

So let the games begin!

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Followed - therapy is in session take a seat :)

Edit: You won't make friends by abusing tags though, I'd remove the witness-category tag at least, you reaaally don't wanna piss those guys off ;)


Thanks for the tip.
I was only doing what I saw. You know, when in Rome? I don't need any ripples this early.