Hello everyone!!! My name is Toyosi Kassim(TK), i am a 23year old doctor in the making.
Writing has always been a way of airing my opinion and expressing myself and I'm happy to be on a platform as this that supports and give a voice to the timid via expressive writing and of cause getting a rewarded.
I learnt about steemit via @kemtayo another creative young lady i know and I'm proud of.
Hopefully I'm able to add value to people's live through my writing and also have a good time on this platform. IMG_20180128_095655_035.jpgIMG_20171223_094858_629.jpgIMG_20171115_131332_302.jpgIMG_20171013_131449_493.jpgScreenshot_2017-12-23-10-28-39-1.png


welcome cutie

What a beauty you are!!! You are welcome to steemit