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Hello guys, am zimmie. I got this name from my native name Ozioma(gospel). Am the last girl of a family of 8. Well, am studying economics in the university of Port Harcourt, Nigeria,West Africa. I got to know about this wonderful family from my two lovely friends @maduprecious and @bait002.IMG_20180129_215115.jpgsource
@zimmie and @maduprecious.
They oreinted me about steemit that was soo irresistible to deny. Therefore, i decided to be part of this great family. It's inspiring to belong here, hoping I can share my ideas and opinions. My hobbies are so weird, I love sleeping, laughing and reading. Am working as an hairstylist in school which has been beneficial for me.
This is me and am here to give my
best, to give my help and to share what is in me and in my very best to educate.IMG_20180129_215045.jpgsource
@pearlqueen, @zimmie, @maduprecious(my lovely friends)

Thanks a bunch guys.

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Hello welcome to steem zimmie

Thank you @tokenman

Welcome @zimmie, I ain't gon lie you girls are gorgeous @pics and if your introductory post is anything to judge by I bet you're gonna be a fun addition to the steemit family. Welcome once again

Thank you so much @slimdame

Welcome on steemit :-) If you have any questions just click to follow and ask :) lets help each other by following each other...

Thank you @muzahed..

Welcome to steemit @zimmie. Join #minnowsupportproject for more help. Type in the comments of a post @OriginalWorks and it will help you verify that content is original.
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Thank you for your suggestions

Welcome to steemit zimmie, i hope you have a great time here with the rest of the community....I wld give you an up-vote and follow you, you can follow me too, thats how it works here.

Thank you very much @fqtee