My steemit introduction


Hello steemians! This is @yunyun3014. My real name is Joselito Lincuna Alindajao Jr. My friends and family call me "yun yun" and "Lito" by my co-workers in the office. I prefer the former.


I like playing basketball, hiking, online games, travelling. I am into crypto currency, politics and business. I am Working as a staff trainer (like HR) in a Japanese Manufacturing company.


A fellow crypto enthusiast @ankarlie asked me to checkout STEEM and its main application STEEMIT so here I am! She is trying to convince me to invest in STEEM. I have been hearing many good stories about steemit and how it has impacted peoples lives and I am excited to be part of it as a content creator and a possible investor in the near future. I want to make sure that this does not turn out to be another Bitconnect that started well but ended not so well to say the least :p


Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome Sir :)
Enjoy steemit

Welcome to steemit!!!

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Been watching you on the sidelines as a silent supporter and I am taking this opportunity to show how grateful I am from the previous upvotes you have given. As an experienced blogger from other platforms and keeping myself updated, it is very far from what happened to bitconnect to what will happen to steemit. We will be the ones taking it to the moon. As what @ankarlie is letting us perceive. In which it will really happen. To add to bitconnect, Hextra and Davor also did the same. Welcome to steemit bro!

Welcome to steemit community

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