First Post And Introduce My Self To Steemit Community

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Hello steemit people! Please allow me to introduce my self to the great people and the great community of steemit. I am happy to be among with you the creative personality.

Here we go
My name zackir, and you can call me yoki (it is what my close friend call me). I was born 45 years ago. I am married with a beautiful girl and now presented with three cute children. My daily work is a publict service officer at an Goverment Elementary School in North Aceh Indonesia. Lately alot of my day time spent at home with family because of the pandemic issue of global corrona virus.

In the photo are me, my nine years son, my seven years old daughter,and kitty (our new pet with aweek aged). Our family love cat very much.

My daugter is very happy to the new two kitties, she care of them and their mom's feed. The presence of the new kitties can cure her bored time at home. She does not got to school for four month in the pandemic priod.


My first target in this platform is to learn how this platform work, and to make friendship around the world,and also to improve my social relationship in this global virtual modern world.

For next I would sharing you my smartphone Black And White Photography work, and some daily unique photo which I see and I shoot in my daily life.


I commit to my self to share with you only my original works of photography and also some thought in my writing stuff.

I think that is abit about my self, please do not be reluctant to respone in the comment section.
Please guide and support me to get succes as you do.

Thanks for your attention. Hope my first step can be forwards.


Welcome to steemit Journey

Thank you for your welcoming me. Have great day