Hi, I'm Pat. I'm here because the wife said jump and I did a jig instead

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I can barely check my own email without the woman's help and she wants me to join steemit?

When I come home from work, she's always asking me how my day is - Do I have any funny stories? - Did anything interesting happen? The answer used to be yes all the time, but I think I might be going through a bit of retail burn out because lately the funny stories aren't funny anymore.

Actually, I can't believe some of the people I deal with on a regular basis have lived as long as they have. Statistically, they should have done something stupid enough for an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards.

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Day in and day out I have to help people love where they live but I'm also trying to keep them from destroying their home or blow themselves up.

What do I do? I'm a plumber with experience in playing with electricity. I had an HVAC business and was a former diesel mechanic/mobility when I served in the USAF. When I say you cannot plumb your house with garden hose chances are I know a lot more about plumbing than you. TRUE STORY. Please don't do that and you'll have a more harmonious outcome.

I don't know...

The woman says to write whatever comes to mind but I've got a million ideas and a million more dreams I don't know where to start without sounding like a complete lunatic. I love classic cars especially MOPAR. I could do helpful plumbing and electrical tips. I've started drawing a cartoon that the woman says I should post. I also make her crazy by making up stupid lyrics to songs.

That's about it for now. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome there's a vote and a follow all the best

thanks! much appreciated

Welcome to steemit @triplep

thank you

It's about time, husband! ::throws a paper ball across the room at you:: Maybe you'll leave me alone when I'm trying to blog now?

Wait, this is your man??? I just welcomed him on board, AWWW, @merej99's honey, now if only I can get mine on here!

I just dropped him off at work.
I've been on him like GLUE to join for months! I said I would help him with formatting but there is no way I'm writing his stories for him. He's been wanting me to write them for him but I keep telling him my account is MINE and he needs to get his own. He joined a while ago but finally posted something! Speaking of posting something... I need to get busy. I've had another few days off and I hate being away that long. Time to get caught up again. :)

doubt it

Welcome @triplep! Making up stupid lyrics to songs haha! My husband calls his one man ludicrous song lyric band "the dead head spores" and he also calls me woman, I do believe you and he would be friends :)