When Food is an Art

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Hi Everyone
I am Su, this is my first blog.
I love foods and delicious stuffs, I mean good / well presenting foods with lotsa decoration.
Do you like good looking Foods? Well, this one is about some donuts , mum bought for me and my little brother to eat.


I also like thematic stuffs. Told my parents that this is very suitable for my project at uni.
I am major in Art and Decoration, as I am going be successful one day.



su-donut 4.JPG
I hope you all like them.

See you again in my next Blog.


Looks Pretty and Cool.
Welcome to Steemit

Thanks you

Hello @sukhoi-su
Perfect First Post. Keep up the good work.
4 x different views photos is encourage here at #whalepower Tag usage.

Ow, TY Master @bullionstackers for all those kind words.
I am flattered. Want to eat some Yummy Patisserie?

good to eat.

yes, very yummy.
Sweet as...

Well Done!
We hope you will be doing well in your Education.

Thank you @the-reef
Thanks for your kind words.

"When Food is an Art" , certainly excellent choice of WORDS.

TY WOTD , you can teach me more words.

I think a trip to krispy creams is needed lol

that is awesome yummy looking donut.
all the best for your educstion Su.
welcomr to WP family

TY @ekavieka
Wanna try some of my Yummy Patisserie?

I would love too. thanks so much

Thanks @ekavieka

Very yummy looking cake🎂

Yes, very yummy
Plenty of sugar for me to grow up.

Easy , mum bought them.
Thanks for visiting my post.

Oh yeah, i think your make it😁

welcome to steemit comunity i hope you enjoy here :-)

Oh, Awesome.
Thanks for your support. Follow

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TY @aksdwi for your service.

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