Hi I'm Tina

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     Hi, my name is Tina, I'm 32. The last 4 years I've been living in Italy and studying Performing Arts History. My job and life for many years were orbiting around fashion, styling and image.  

     My friends have told me about Steemit some time ago. Funny that it's happened the same day when I've had the seminar discussion in Uni about New Media, Lev Manovich and Software Studies.  

     I'm here since I'd like to understand this new unfolding system and to collect the material for my studies.   Also I like traveling and photography, fashion and art and I'd like to show you the world as I see it with my eyes.


Hi Tina! Look forward to your posts. #introduceyourself is the usual tag for this, if you can change it. Upvoted and followed.

hi, got it and changed it, thanks =)

Hello Tina!! (:
Welcome to Steemit!!

Hi @stinas, I not sure when it became introducemyself but what I've been seeing in the pass was introduceyourself.
introduceyourself is still popular If you look at https://steemit.com/created/introduceyourself
you may want to include the introduceyourself tag.

Welcome to the community.

You are right, I haven't noticed that. Copy/paste is the devil anyway!

BTW, there's a person I follow which I believe from Italy too. He's @webdeals
You may want to take a look.

Welcome to the community @stinas
I'm looking forward to your posts and learning more about what you do. I'm an armchair traveler so trips through Italian towns sounds great to me! LOL

thanks, I'll do my best!

Welcome to Steemit!!

A very warm welcome to steemit Community @stinas

You are welcome

I like the word orbiting :P

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