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Hello Everyone!

My name is Timea, form Calgary, Canada, originally from Transylvania, Europe. I work with children, I am taking care of Kindergarten age children, I love them, I like to be with them, that is my dream work, and I can’t imagine myself doing something other than work with small children. I am new in Calgary, me and my fiancé moved to the city last year, with a lots of hope and excitement, that we can build our future here between the mountains. He is from BC, I am from Ontario, but we are Hungarian.
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I was born in Transylvania, which has a large Hungarian community in the heart of Romania. The country is poor but, has many treasures, beautiful places like salt caves, tall mountains, volcanic lakes, mineral waters and hot springs.


I left the country almost 9 years ago because I wanted to live close to my cousin. She was always my best friend, my second mom, or 4th sister, she is a very important person in my life. She lived in Toronto in the past, so that’s why I mentioned Ontario before. Living in Toronto was a gift because I was able to visit the Niagara Falls, eat at the top of the CN tower or visit the Rogers Center, and walk near the Ontario Lake. I have seen Eastern and Western Canada, and always want to see more of this beautiful country.
As an Immigrant, I always compare the Hungarian habits and traditions to the Canadian system as well. I believe everyone is doing this for the first couple of years or at least until they feel accepted by Canadians and accept also becoming Canadian. But what makes us immigrants Canadian? Who decides when someone became Canadian? If I eat Timbits, or drink double-double Tim Horton's coffee or Maple syrup? For me, being an immigrant is not a new feeling, or a new life style. Transylvanian people live as a kind of “immigrants” in Romania, but they are first proud Hungarians. We eat Hungarian food, we celebrate Hungarian traditional holidays, we learn Hungarian folklore, Hungarian history, we speak Hungarian.

But our Hungarian “world” only exists in our homes, because as soon as we go outside our signs are Romanian, we use Romanian currency, our stores has Romanian names and every second or third person drives Dacia witch is a Romanian car.


The funny thing is we live in Romania, where Romanian people consider us as Hungarians, however when we go to Hungary, we need to use Romanian passport so our people consider us Romanians. That’s why I never felt myself at HOME when I was young, my sisters and my mom can’t speak Romanian however we learn the language as a second language at school from grade 1 to grade 12. I believe if you live in a country is essential to speak the official language.
Dracula Castle-Transylvania
That’s what I do here now in Canada. My current status now is: I am Canadian resident, my passport and my university diploma is Romanian, and I count or dream in Hungarian. I speak Romanian, English and Hungarian, so people can ask me: are you considering yourself Romanian, Hungarian or Canadian? That is a good question. The answer is whatever you feel you are, right? Obviously I feel myself Hungarian first.
After many years, I found my other half, in Canada, and I immediately felt a sense of wholeness, a sense of completeness. Thanks to him, first time in my life I felt I am home in Hungary last summer, we spent an amazing time with our family back home, and after we got back to Canada I realized, my life is whole because of him.

" Home is where the heart is " Home is the person or place you want to return to over and over.



Welcome to Steemit, Timea, I am sure you will fit very well here.

And thank you for telling us so much about yourself.

Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Welcome to steemit

Thank you!

I love the fact that you love children

Children are the future. Thanks for reading.

Welcome to steemit... am sure you will enjoy it here. Am looking forward to seeing more post from you. Pls feel free to follow me @greatman4eva

Thanks for the welcome! I will check out your blog!

Hi, welcome on #steemitcommunity 🤗🤗
I wish you all the best 😍
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Thank u- wish you the best too!


Welcome to our social site, we will know you more and benefit from your next publication

Welcome to Steemit and i'd like to visit Canada :)

Yes, bring a warm coat!

YEah snowy snowy there haha

Here it has recently been -37c

Welcome to steemit. You are right. Romania has a lot of treasures.

You bet! Where are you from?

Beautiful famous city!

Found any ancient castles, such as the ones vampires lived in? Transylvania known to be a vampire town. Take care, LoL.

Transylvania is a region.

I think the German Rhineland is also a region and there are many castles along the Rhine, hence my question about whether or not you have come across any castles during your visit in the region.

Yes there are many amazing castles. I posted a picture i took at Dracula castle. Dracula is made up by an English novelist, but the castle is an amazing place to visit!

Welcome to Steemit! I am looking forward to reading your posts.

Thanks, I'll read yours too!

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Welcome Timea!

Thank you @whitneynoel

You are a citizen or the world, and are a brave soul for facing the challenge of migration and cultural identity. I wish you can always live in places you can call home, and that you never have to face the question of "Are you this, this or that?" EVER AGAIN!

May you, and your significant other and the home of your soul, live happy lives! Thank you, for bringing the question of cultural identity to the spotlight so bravely and personally!


Thank you for your comment. You are full of positive energy! I wish you the best!

hello @stimea Congratulations to gather in Steemit! Likes you here...

Thanks very much

Nice and interesting post @stimea. Welcome on steemit

I'm glad you found it interesting.

Hey there. First of all as a meat man :P I liked that a lot. Now I'm hungry... Thanks!.. :D
Other than that, I really liked all the details you put on your blog.
This is so good, it is kind of hard to find this kind of details in travel blogs.
Thanks a lot, here take my upvote and also I am following you from now on, your blog gave me promises :)

Yes that meat was delicious, cooked with love and care. Wish you all the best!

Welcome stimea, I hope you enjoy things and have fun posting.

Yes, I hope for that too, thank you!

good I love your blog its history its culture, has traveled a lot is what identifies us women know travel. I have friends in Canada who tell me that it is very nice, that it is very nice and that their food is very good Macaroni and cheese that like my country would be macaroni with cheese

It is very beautiful, there is much more than macaroni and cheese too! I wish yoy the best!

Hello Timea! Nice to meet you on Steemit. First I was attracted by your first photo, which looked to me like being a Romanian sightseeing and after reading the first lines I realized you where born here, in Romania. I have some roots in Transylvania too, as my mom was born there and I used to spend my summer holidays there, in the heart of our country and even though I don't know hungarian language, I always enjoyed spending time with my hungarian friends. I don't know how it is not to feel home in a country, but I am sure that deep down in your heart, you'll always find a place for our beautiful Transylvania. :)

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This is a great introduction post - and I'm so glad to see it doing so well! Welcome!

It looks like you come from a beautiful part of the world, but where you are now isn't bad either, right? And it was so sweet to read about you and your husband.

Just after high school I had a girlfriend who spent a year is an exchange student in Budapest. Obviously the language thing was hard for her too (she had signed up to go to Spain). Especially because one of the things she wanted to do was study sign language, and it turns out Hungary used their own version!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Yes I like it here at the foot of the beautiful rockies!