Introducing Myself - Green Energy, The Environment, Indonesia and Crypto Trading

Renewable energy - healthy, wealthy and wise. Like us, so too the planet!

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The famous Blue Lakes of Bamyan, Afghanistan

Hello Steemians!

Who Am I?

My name is Mark and I live in Bali, Indonesia. There is a thriving Steemit community here who have been very kind in offering up their time to induct me into the community. Big thanks to @samstonehill in particular.

What am I interested in?

I will be posting about renewable energy, Indonesia, culture, politics, cryptocurrency, the environment, and animal welfare. Not necessarily in that order. Topics that inspire normally have intersections across several of these topics.

Where I Came From?

I am commencing my third 'career'. My first was in the Australian army, which I thoroughly enjoyed for 15 years but eventually one grows tired of playing soldiers as an adult. The second was in the Humanitarian and Development sectors (Afghanistan, India, Somalia, Syrian refugee response, Typhoon Haiyan response, Darfur, South Sudan among others) for about 13 years. And now here I am in Bali launching myself into a carbon neutral, crypto-currency-funded future.

Why am I Here on Steemit?

  • To network with existing communities of practice on small scale, off-grid, carbon neutral energy generation anywhere in the world,
  • To raise the profile of renewable energy in Indonesia, especially small-scale biomass,
  • To network with crypto-currency traders, and
  • To have fun, read and write about what interests me, and leave the world a better place than how we found it.

Some random facts about Indonesia:

• Largest archipelagic nation on earth (13,466 islands, of which 922 are permanently inhabited)
• Fourth largest in the world by population (260 million people)
• Almost 50,000,000 people have no access to electricity
• Indonesia has 5X the population of Spain but half the installed generation capacity
• Experiencing greater habitat destruction than Brasil
• Is the fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, and the largest forest-based emitter
• Indonesia has 54000km of coast line (The US has 20,000km of coastline)
• Has the highest number of active volcanos in the world (76)
• Is one of the most unequal nations on earth with respect to income and wealth distribution
• Ranked 9th in the world in GDP PPP (Price Power Parity), but has a GDP per capita of US$11,700 placing it 129th in the world by this metric
• 700 languages
• Is home to the friendliest people on earth. (my bias. 😊)

Impromptu photo op in Medan, during Mi’raj Parade

Thanks for any interest shown in what I produce and I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Sampai jumpa!


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Hello and Welcome to Steemit. I hope you will enjoy Steemit as much as I do. See you around! :-)
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon.


Thankyou very much! I hope I do. Your posts look very interesting. WIll check them out. Cheers!

Welcome to Steemit!


Thankyou. I followed you and look forward to more of your posts.

hi... welcome to steem :) follow4follow..??? :P
love your post though..!!!!


Thanks! Followed! :-)


Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit. @steemocracy
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.


Hi - I am well thanks, and thanks also for reading my post. Consider yourself followed. :-)

love your mission ! and welcome to steemit. amazing and smart people you will find here!


Thanks very much! I am excited to get involved. Let's see what we can do. Followed. :-)

Hi, Steemocracy, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner


Thankyou very much - I will follow you.

Salemat datung Pak Mark! And welcome to Steemit from another Bali based steemian-- who is also working (and playing) with green regenerative innovations. Upvoted, re-steemed and followed.


Terima kasih bapak! I will follow you back and look forward to reading your posts and will follow you closely. Hati hati di jalan! :-)

Welcome to steemit, Mark!
Bali is definitely on my bucket list, so I hope to see a lot about your place here on steemit :-)
I will follow your account for future posts.


Thankyou! If you are surfer, then Indonesia MUST be a place to visit. Surfing is on the long list of things I "can't do but wish I could". Tried once but the 10 year olds shamed me back to the beach. :-) Your posts look interesting. Will follow and look forward to more.

Great name and intro! Welcome


Thankyou! I intend to lapse into matters political. Energy politics, the potential for crypto-currency to both lubricate capitalist transactions among the 'good' little guys while potentially enhancing the power and reach of the 'bad' big guys, and what this really means for the rest of us. Thanks again, and stay tuned!


Well, thats right up my alley. I will.

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Great introduction and very interesting topics.


Thanks very much! They are indeed interesting topics. The more I read about energy politics, climate change, incentives for change and how to make governments more responsive to the people and the environment the more interesting it becomes.

You welcome @steemocracy to steemit.just a little advice, to succeed here you need a lot of diligence and patience. Enjoy the journey even as the funds flow in. I upvoted you. You can follow me so we can connect. Goodluck


Thanks very much for the advice. I will follow you.

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze


Thankyou very much!

Hi there@steemocracy
Let me be one of the first to welcome you to steemit. Just post good quality content and post regularly. This will help you grow in the community.
1 upvote from me.
check out some of my posts if you get some free time @abbzykhan.
Have a Nice Day.



wow, what a nice group have, you are into musical which is very good. followed you so i can see the parades on your blog.


Thanks! I am not all that musical, but I appreciate people who are. :-)

Hi Mark i really like your intro, you have my support keep going with this excellent project congrats.,and thank you for share.

Welcome to steemit community!


Thankyou very much! I look forward to more of your posts also.

A new Steemian ^^ hello @steemocracy I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk


Thankyou very much! I am still getting used to the platform and look forward to sharing more. I also look forward to reading your trading tips. :-)

Great intro, welcome to Steemit! keep sharing and keep exploring :)



Welcome to Steemit, Mark. Loved the way you introduce yourself in where you came from. Also enjoyed learning amazing facts about Indonesia. Have fun Steeming.


Thanks very much! I am still new and a somewhat erratic keyboard warrior. I look forward to reading your posts too. More to follow about Indonesia and renewable energy ... :-)

Yoyoyo! I see that you have been on steemit for some time now so thanks for finally sharing with us. Have one upvote on the house and full steem ahead!
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Thanks very much for the advice! I have recently set mysef up on discord and am following a few threads, reading Sam Stonehill's advice on You Tube and other resources. When I finally get more organised, and I know wht I am doing, I will certainly subscribe to a service like this. Thanks!