SteemX Update | Opening the gateway for converting STEEM and SBD to Fiat in 32 more countries (across America, Europe, Asia and Australia)

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One of the greatest problems faced by the digital economies is not the lack of potential investors, but difficulties in establishing a secure, fast and safe gateway between the offline and online economies. Investors would like to come in but, to move in and out of the crypto world is a matter of great concern.

At SteemX, we made it a point to look for possible solutions to this challenge and we did. We established a model that permits a simple, safe and fast way of moving funds either ways in the economic space (both online and offline).

STEEMX is a certified exchange platform registered under REDRAVEN LTD to carry out business together with STEEMEXCHANGER.NG and STEEMXGH.COM. Its sole purpose is to convert STEEM, SBD to FIAT and vice versa while fostering a global STEEM adoption.

Our goal is to create a perfect integration of the digital and fiat economies, until the online make the centralized offline economy irrelevant. This however, is not possible without an innovation like SteemX. Let’s go down the memory lane as we walk you through what we did exactly.

In the time of strive for global adoption of crypto currencies the Team at SteemX has taken a step in the right direction to help simplify the challenges of converting Fiat to crypto-currency and vice-versa. As we wait earnestly for the global adoption of digital currencies (cryptocurrencies), we do not intend for that to be done by folding our hands. but ensuring that everyone gets onboard by simplifying the processes involved.

Eradicating the technicalities and complexities through a user-friendly interface that finalizes transactions with just a few clicks and within a couple of minutes.

It is on this note that we have been proffering solutions to the challenges faced within the Steem ecosystem.

First, we introduced to the Nigerian community which is a huge success and is still running till date. Steemians in Nigeria can easily engage with the Steem blockchain in both directions (buying in and out). Also, users can go as far as buying airtime for their mobile phones and paying for other utilities with Steem and SBD.

This is in line with our objective to integrate blockchain activities in our everyday living; enabling the so-called laymen to buy into Steem.

Cryptocurrencies will never be a match for the offline currencies (fiat) until it is capable of doing what fiat does and even more. We moved further to provide another platform for the Ghana community However, there are limitations with both platforms in that they only serve users with respect to transactions within each country. It is in line with this we went ahead to take this global by introducing SteemX.

SteemX Exchange

SteemX is an Exchange tailored to help solve the same challenge but at a global level. SteemX is a certified exchange platform registered under REDRAVEN LTD to carry out business together with STEEMEXCHANGER.NG and STEEMXGH.COM. The main purpose is to ensure a worldwide adoption of STEEM. As we open an easy path for investors to walk in with the guarantee of simplicity in transactions. And we do this taking into consideration legal barriers posed by centralized governments. Hence, choosing the best and most secure model of operations across the globe. The platform is designed in a manner that users can easily convert their STEEM and SBD to Fiat.

Features of SteemX include but are not limited to:


Pre-installed widgets include charting, transaction history, balance, order history, current market price, FAQ, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Fees Policy, and support.

  • Chart: You can use the chart available to monitor and ascertain the level of fluctuation of STEEM and SBD against the US dollar.

  • Transaction History: There is column dedicated to enable users keep track of their transactions when receiving or giving out.

  • Balance: Your balance on your wallet is displayed for you to quickly identify and monitor your cash flow.

  • User profile: there is a preview of user Steemit profile on the platform including STEEM and SBD balances of users on Steemit. This is only a preview so no Steemit transactions takes place on the SteemX platform.


SteemX have the interest of users in mind and because of this, we’ve made it possible for customers to be charged a very low and competitive fee on our platform. Our platform also thrives on the basis of speed and ease from technicalities.

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  1. SteemX has a friendly user interface.

  2. A quick 3 step to take to finish any transaction.

  3. Typical transaction time is 1-30 minutes.

  4. Support: an efficient customer care team that works 24/7 to attend to any urgent query of its’ users.

  5. Fast and reliable payment options
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SteemX Donate

As a result of our sense of responsibility to our society and the entire Steem ecosystem, we have come up with a way to give back to the society for the betterment of the human experience. We seek to achieve this by making a 1 Steem donation to a reputable charity foundation for every 50 STEEM/SBD that is transacted on our platform. This is to support the acquisition of education by children and promote the welfare of individuals who do not really have an access any.

Feel free to send us information through the platform or our e-mail. Also, we are eager to hear from you and we listen to all of our users. Thank you for the time reading this blog. Below are links to our homepage and some other pages.

Our Homepage
You can also contact us via this e-mail

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great job man

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Those are great news i sure we will see the prices going up now

Great to see your platform grow. I've put x0,0000 naira through these guys before without fuss.

This seems great and I'm hoping it works out. It'll make it easier to convert my steem at a later time.

This is a really nice project and I'm happy with the work on so far. Keep it up.


Thank you @davoicera! It's our pleasure.

Hope this can be used to buy Steem in the future, too. That would be great, if I can do that directly from a Paypal account.


Definitely, our model will permit transactions in both directions. However, that feature is to come later.

Wow, this is really nice! Please, is the crypto transferred to ones bank account? Or how does the person receive the fiat after convertion? I'm more interested in the case


If you're in Nigeria, the money will be credited directly to your bank account. And the website for Nigeria


Thanks for the response. Let me go and sign up now.

Hi! At your site I can't open link with supported countries. And therefore I have question. Do you support Russia?

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Please proceed to the FAQ section on our site. You'll find all the information given there.

Wao.. Superb... Finally some good news in this dull market... Hopefully price will start rising now

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Yes the most common problem nowadays is security issue .
And this steemx model seems to me a good deal.

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Thans for sharing such a helpful information, it is really a great concept.

Will it operate in Pakistan???


If your paypal account enables you to withdraw directly to your local bank account then you can make use of the service in your country.

thanks for sharing this important news Those are great news i hope we will see the prices going up now.

Finally a good news in this market.Hopefully price will start rising now.thanks for this news

This is amazing. It will be of great help to the digital nomad.... And will be great for sending funds. In a way, you guys are actually solving money problems globally. Think PayPal, think WU. Is Malaysia one of these 32? Where can the full list be seen?


If your paypal account enables you to withdraw directly to your local Malaysian bank account then you can make use of the service, a list of the 32 countries will be made available in our next post so stay tuned, thanks!

I guess this is something people have waited for more than half a year! Great job. Already made an acc and looking forward to try.

Having the possibility to make a transaction to Paypal is golden!


Thanks, we expect your patronage

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Reading good was a great content
Accidentally landed here....happy to be a follower


Sir please upvote and support..thankyou

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this is really awesome. Cant wait till you can also purchase Steem and SBD. we are now direct to fiat. so cool guys, well done. Resteeming


Thanks for your support

Are there any plans to use payment models that are supported outside of Western countries? Something like PayPal is a dead end in Latin America. I want a bank transfer to my bank account. And I will pay well as currently I pay 25% fees on Localbitcoins twice a month.


We sure hope to incorporate all other payment platforms as time goes on, especially a local bank transfer.

This is fantastic! I've been looking for a way to convert to the Australian dollar, but Coinspot can't receive steem and Living Room of Satoshi stopped accepting steem.

Have signed up!


Thanks in anticipation of your patronage

Has anybody tested this out yet?


Yes, some users have tested it already at this global level and it works excellently. Thousands have also benefited from our model in Africa.


Thanks for the answer. However I am looking for an independent review.


You may proceed to our transfer page here to see people who have traded with us.

my two cents...
If you're looking to add more payment methods, MercadoPago is a well-known South American online payments system (


Thank you for the feedback. We will be looking into that as we integrate more payment methods. Our visions is to deliver this service to everyone within the STEEM ecosystem and beyond. Regardless of where they are in the world.

Good jobs...and amazing ...


Thank you sir.


this is a good application I will learn the guide whether the exchange will also be provided in the form of Indonesian rupiah


It works in every countries that allows the withdrawal from PayPal to their local bank accounts.

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That's amazing, we will surely be there. Thank you.


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I am very very grateful for this excellence information I never knew as a newbie, now I know that steem and SBD is not just here on steemit platform but also in the coins exchange market, that we can make transfer or converted to other exchange. Thanks a lot my @steemexchanger

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Hi sir your post good and good information all steemit user.

Wow amazing

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Hopefully.. Price will increase.

Hello, thank you for doing this, I am sure it will help lots of people make a living on Steemit. I did find a typing mistake in your FAQ, "bearest" should be "barest". Hope this helps!

SteemX is focused on converting STEEM and SBD to Fiat in the shortest time possible hence we built an infrastructure with the help of third party exchanges and gateways that we rely on to deliver our service efficiently. These third-party gateways have their charges which have been subsidized to the bearest minimum to ensure that users get the best value for every transaction.

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