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Formerly was the Five Star Entertainment Community Discord server and now will be part of a new bigger initiative, @smartmediagroup.

@fivestargroup and their movement will continue within the new Smart Media Group server.

We are currently in transition of changes to the server and merging with another.

What is Smart Media Group(SMG)?

Along the lines of the Five Star movement, SMG's vision is to be a decentralized movement to come together collectively between communities and become a content media powerhouse.

Instead of just limiting ourselves to the Steem audience, SMG will be working with all communities and platforms and working on all types of media content. So whether you are into gaming, social media, sports, programming, etc. Basically, everything we see on our screens is some form of media and we are all trying to get our content out there for others to see.

We see a lot of YouTubers becoming really successful and usually, those are the ones that are really serious about their content and step up their production value. This is the culture that needs to continue across all platforms so we can continually get great entertainment and information.


We are in a digital age and SMG will utilize all mediums to help those a part of the initiative to build a better internet and a better future. We can't do this alone and understand that we need to work together amongst communities to really push for a better change in our societies and for ourselves.

Our first phase of launch and transitioning will be over Discord and will be merging with a couple of established discord servers.

How Will This Work?

We have implemented a feature on the server that allows users to choose what categories of channels they would like to see.

So for example:

I run my own Discord server and wanted to merge with SMG but I don't want my members in the server to see any of the channels that are in SMG and like the way I have my server set up. Well... we are developing a way to be able to do just that.

I will have the ability to have the exact same channels and setup in SMG and not have to see any of SMG channels. I am able to toggle which channels or communities that I can view within the server.

The image below is @virtualgrowth's Discord server Team VG. He has a simple setup and we are able to have a setup within the SMG server to look like to that to those who choose to only want to view it like that.

Here is how it currently looks in the FSE/SMG Discord server when new users join.

By typing simple commands in the server, I am able to only view Team VG channels.

In the GIF below, you can see in action how you would toggle on and off particular channels and what we are currently working towards is toggling particular servers such as Team VG.

What Servers are Merging?

@gyzimo has joined Five Star Entertainment with his server for his @bumper service and plans with @virtualgrowth with his Team VG server to become a part of the Smart Media Group movement.

What Would be The Advantage of Doing This?

It's a growing list of communities and servers not just only on Discord. In particular to Discord, there is a couple reason this would have some benefits.

  • More exposure of content and possible new audience
  • Not have to switch between different servers all the time.
  • Merging community owners will have full admin permissions and control over their category and channels.

There are a lot of communities established and are very large. By joining communities together and especially one that is already established with many users, could lead to more exposure to whatever media or content you are trying to promote. You can have a whole new audience to cater to and they have the ability to choose to be a part of it or not within the SMG Discord server.


  • Smart Media Group(SMG) - "A decentralized movement to come together collectively between communities and become a content media powerhouse."
  • Five Star Entertainment Community Discord server is "rebranding" and merging in the SMG server.
  • SMG Discord server will be merging with other established Discord servers into a single server.
  • More exposure of content and possible new audience
  • Not have to switch between different servers all the time.
  • Merging community owners will have full admin permissions and control over their category and channels.



Look forward to being more involved and inviting many people to join in the fun and resources together!

We are looking forward to it as well! Thank you for the early support and the contributions you have made that help made this project manifest :)

It is so great to witness Discord groups evolving into unseen projects. As a part of @fse I am glad that this will be possible as Discord can become quite crowded with already existing groups and many others that are being created as we speak.

Great work @bitcoinparadise!

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Thank you for being part of this initiative and have been a great help in the FSE movement. Time to take things to the next level.

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Great to see the development. This is an important building block to helping more media producers and content creators in disrupting the industry and furthering the decentralized movement! Proud of you for this big step.

I agree. This will be a challenge and would need work together with communities.

Thanks for being a part of the initiative!

I love the idea to have one server for all crypto or steem purposes since I think everyone that is active in the community is in a lot of servers / telegram and honestly its a pain. Thanks for develloping something like since it is really needed right now. I will try to be active in the servers and try any way I can :)

Thank you and glad you could join us. We appreciate the help you have already done! :)
Look forward to hearing more from you!

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Best discord server ever!!! Everyone have to join!
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