Let me Introduce about myself :)

hi steemit users. i am new to steemit my friends were we forced to join the steemit . i am very intrested in joining the steemit
i think it will famous everday because it pay for our post!
i want your support steemit users
i dont no how to use can you teach me how to use steemit
the above in the picture was my sister child. and she also studing in senthil public school in dpi
keep suporrting me and upvote me and follow me people
because your support is our sucess


Hey @rajeshmadhu, welcome to Steemit!

Hello, good to have you on board. There are a lot of Indians on this platform, you can join the #India chatroom on Steemit.chat and socialize with our awesome community!

Hey there , how are you doing ?
It is great to have you join us here in the steemit community, we are glad you are part of this successful community, I hope you have a great time here , would be looking forward to reading more of your posts.
Hey you can follow my page and check out my post , I'm sure you would like them
Wecolme again . Have a great Time here

Hi buddy you are at Right place I am with you,Good effort

Hello Dear!
Welcome To Steemit Social BockChain Media Platform, Hope You Enjoy & God Bless You!

It's Me @ah-2002 Please Upvote Me And Follow Me Back :) :)
My #introduceyourself Post ::>> https://goo.gl/Vjg66e
Hope You Like Me Also :) Let's Work Together And Enjoy It!!

Hi @rajeshmadhu

I really love your well informed introduction.

Thanks for telling us about yourself.
Steemit is a wonderful social media community, at first, growing up your steemit account may be difficult but don't give up
I’m Kingsley, I’m a graphic designer and a writer.
You're very welcome to steemit. I wish you success. I hope you'll enjoy steemit as time goes on. I'll like to follow you so I can share ideas with you here on steemit. I'm now following you. Feel free to follow me back if you want.

You are specially welcome to the community

Welcome here on Steemit. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Already nice pictures. Thank you!

HI .... congratulations from my side .welcome to steemit platform ..I commented on your post...I have created a fb page " steemit global community" join us...we will give you all the help needed.link is
If you join this page , then the members of page will follow you too.so yours choice .
Get to make new friends..
Follow me on @abdullahkhattak.

Welcome to Steemit! Thanks for posting a verification picture. Good to have you here.

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