My Biggest Step Start Here


My First Introduction

Hello everyone!
Hello steemian!

For the first, let me introduce myself as this is called the first intro, the name mentioned on the profile was not the real as mine, thats just an alias, cause my real name is Ruslan, you can call me both of names, may be who knows! The day after this posted we getting close by the time.

My Point

As the new bie, there's so much that I wanna tell you, but in case of my less topics to share. I just wanna made a short intro, by then agter having alot of insight, I will participate on some topics to posted. By rhe way, my topics later in this blog I wanna talk about the Culture & Education.

I hope if you feeling a kind of curious or like about these topics, please feel free to follow me as I will follow you.

May be thats it some words about my introduce.

I hope you will help as the newbie, my fellow steemian.

Also, thank alot to the man who already give me the point to join the steemit, thanks to you @seifanlj

Please feel free to follow me as the newbie need a bunch of guide here.


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