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Hello everyone!!

My name is Oshwani, a Biotech engineer & post graduate in Business administration, an extrovert, singer, writer, traveler, pet lover & adventurer who loves watching movies. A kind of girl who still believes in fairy tales and magic.

I strongly feel that ‘’Sky is colorful not blue’’.


Love adrenaline rush through adventures & wish to see the diversity, beauty & vividness at every place of the world one day :)


Passion for writing and doing something unique and creative, touching the hearts of the readers is the reason i am here at steemit & wish to write some nice articles or stories that interests everyone.

Be ready for some really interesting and creative stories from me.

Hope to get support, encouragement and wise words from steemit family.


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Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome! You will have many friends here! You are clever and very kind!

Well so here we are..:) Welcome on board!! Its a long road. Just do your thing and it'll be worth it!Good Luck

welcome to the crypto-currency universe


Thanks 🙂🙂

hello miss Biotech engineer an extrovert, singer, writer, traveler, pet lover & adventurer. WELCOME.. hahaha


Lol thanks 🙂