Hello Steemians! Hello everyone!

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I'm new here! And this is my - #introduceyourself

I have little experience in IT, and I like to see, how the new technology getting part in ours life.

It was internet, then devices and social networks, crypto... Now - Steemit!, I think this is great idea! :)

I hope, I will be interesting and useful for everyone in my future posts here...



Hi @coffebreak , thanks for links!

And also I realize that your feed list has to be selected well, otherwise nice topics getting lost some how..

Have a good day for everyone!

If I call @manbot here, he will come? :)

Hello Mmoriarty and welcome!

I am also new, - it seems our mutual interest in blockchain has led us both here :)

I wish you luck on your Steemit journey.

Thank you!
@jhon.abides hope we can do here many nice things and I believe in amazing future of Steemit platform and community here!

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