#Hi I am new here, nice to meet you all :)

#My name is Michael van Dommelen born in the Netherlands, living in Israel since 5 years.

##this is what I love to do
I help people to find their happiness & change their life through “practicing being in a state of awareness” and through holistic healing techniques.
I have developed a very simple way to heal and transform, to attract that which we seek but cant seem to reach. We have all the tools inside of us, we only need to know what they are and what they (can) do.

Fact today in science is that all disease represents a "struggle of consciousness." This means that our consciousness is talking to the biology and chemistry of our body. Its Human Consciousness that determines whether a person is sick or healthy. Anything you wish to heal can be done. As goes the consciousness of the Human Being, So goes the health of the Human Being.

By deep listening and looking at people's beliefs and habits, the way they speak think talk move breath and behave, I know what to focus on. The innate and energetic field around us is also providing a lot of information which the eye can not see.

We are what we say feel do think belief and in order to change anything we need to change our story by knowing what is limiting us. We have to start reacting different to situations, Frustration is the key symptom for beliefs to root.

my mission is connecting (with) people
To connect people to their true SELF, the people around them and to source energy, to teach people how we can heal our own body and transform our life by talking to our self and our cells, by choosing the correct thoughts & language, feelings & emotions, learning how to breath, learning how our voice can be used to adjust the frequency of our body to the right vibration so we can heal and prevent disease illnesses stress, etc....

change the way you think, speak, see, listen, touch and react | change your story | speak the correct language | heal your Self and others | attract the life you imagine

Imagine . . . .

Come home

Conscious Manifesting

FUNCTIONING FROM a PERSONAL TO a UNIVERSAL PERSPECTIVE - CONSCIOUSNESS changing the patterns that are inconsistent with our true nature.

Human Empowerment sessions,
guidance, awareness expanding, abundance counseling / procedures of transformation (change) …

Holistic in all fields through Personal Awakening of the infinite nature of the human being: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and personal economic development

Learn how to heal Your Self and Others by conscious intentional thought sound and breath alone !!
You have all the tools inside, you just need to be reminded of them J

Learn how your language, your vocabulary is attracting all that which you want to change or re-design. Learn that you are the creator of your future and you are doing it in the now based on experiences of the past, Break free from your limiting beliefs, use of language, habits, judgements, etc.

Come Home to that You that is infinite in being, that is part of all that is was and ever will be. From this place you re-write your script, a total new script free from filters and beliefs of others

energy healing. energy psychology. (also remote | distant through skype or quantum touch)
universal-nlp. body movements. meditations & affirmations.
breathing-sound therapy. linguistic design-(light-language). muscle-testing.

Energy Healing through magnetism using hands thoughts spoken words and emotions
Breathing & Sound techniques
Meditations and customized personal meditations - Mindfulness -
Chakra healing and clearing
Body Movements to energize the body (based on techniques from Yoga, Maya, Tai Chi)
Learning the language of Light - Affirmations & Setting intentions to achieve individual & collective goals (personal & work related)
Practicing gratitude (personal & work related)
Reprogramming the subconscious mind
Healing Yourself !

Information I provide before starting with new clients or groups

Short explanation on vibration & frequencies
Goals and Beliefs must be coherent
Finding the Limiting beliefs and habits and rewrite them with manifesting beliefs and habits
How Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions affect our life (The law of attraction - The art of intention)
Some background on the latest science; EPI Genetics – Quantum Physics – Quantum Healing – Sacred Sound Healing

WHY to do this journey ? why does it work ? see the science behind it by the most brilliant scientists of our time. Thought is quantum and can change from particles into waves, from matter into vibration as it were … see biology of belief,
All is energy, thoughts feelings words beliefs sound breath vision touch stress love movements stillness
Holding on to 1 belief only is saying no to “everything is possible”
Everything already exists when you can imagine it, by experiencing it through your emotions about it. Thats the whole secret.

We have been forbidden to imagine, stop dreaming they would say or back to reality..
You will experience significant changes in your physical and emotional health and daily life. Expect the unexpected, be open to something new beyond your imagination and amaze your Self with what you can do for you ..


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Welcome to family :)

Welcome to family :)

Welcome to this unique platform . Hope you find new friends here and post high quality articles.I'm here from one week and my advice to you is to be patient and at first to leave the money in the background .
Enjoy your time here аnd respect the other authors.

If you have any questions do not worry about turning to me with joy I'll help you with whatever I can.

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Welcome to the community

Hi and welcome to Steemit, I wish you luck on your journey here.

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