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Hello steemians, I was told I was to do an introductory post before anything but over excited no gree let me post this first,it is a great opportunity to join this planform .My name is Onifade Oluwatosin also known as mhiztabby ,I am a Nigerian (Omo ibadan)..I love reading novels ,I mean I got an app on my phone(wattpad) just for novels image..

I am more of a logical person than an emotional one,why I still read novels is beyond me(my friend would say the lady is you is not dead yet😂 )but seriously why think with you heart when you head is there?....but then that's by the way,anyways i am business oriented lady,I can do anything (legal and is not against my morals) that would bring cash but mainIy, i bake cakes,I also sell ladies footwear
I am more of an introvert unless I find someone to be an extrovert with(meaning my crowd determines the way I behave),I believe in smiling even if I am sad ,you never know whose day you might make....I am a GRADUTE!!..okay,scratch that...I'm almost a graduate,I'm a student urban and regional planning at ladoke akintola university of technology,ogbomosho Oyo state,Nigeria.I am a planner ,which means I concern myself with the ordering the use of land and the sitting of buildings to create a socially ,economically and aesthetic balance society (drumrolls) imagesome of my fellow planners,locate me😊

My steemit referral
I was brought to light through a friend @olatun ,when he told me a first I ignored him but then he didn't stop he would say 'I want you to enjoy what I'm enjoying' ,when he saw his effort wasn't yielding he said 'I know you like writing,you can earn money for just witing o' that caught my attention I decided to talk to him more about it and I must say I'm impressed ,it is a beautiful work being done here so I say well done to the admin and faculty for this beautiful community of learning and others making impact such as @thecrytodrive, @hr1, @blessing97, @nuges, @candyman, @neoxian, @anyx, @naijaboost, @ejemai @adetorrent, @olatun , @larryfaith, @steemmag
image my closest friend image

image imagemyself and @olatun

I would really love to make steemit the best community where people can do what they love best and earn at the same time -this is my vision (DARM,I sound so serious😂) thanks again
yours faithfully

I forgot to add I'm a foodie also😀...okay bye

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Welcome to Steem Community @mhiztabby! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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You are welcome here [email protected], continue posting.

Lol welcome to the steemit community @mhiztabby. I’m looking forward to reading more exciting posts from you. Cheers

Omo ladoke ...owo loke