Photographer, vintage clothing enthusiast new to Steemit

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I'm Kyana and am usually too much a perfectionist to do quick blog posts but I'm going to try because the person who told me about Steemit made fun of me and said it should be like a kindergarten assignment and I'm putting too much thought into it. So I erased everything and started over, going the simple route. I used to be an editor, but I'm not going to proofread. I used to be a professional photographer, but now I sell vintage clothing that I photograph on models. In fact, I'm in the [slow, arduous, yet quite satisfying] process of fixing up an old early-century house to use as a quasi studio/work space for my shop. I love vintage fashion, yet if you were to look at my lately, I've been wearing the same three paint-and-sawdust-covered jeans outfits for the past four and a half months, and the last thing that comes to mind would be "fashionable." Plus, I went from the California city to the middle-of-nowhere in Iowa, so we'll see how it goes... 

This is me on a regular day, a shot that was taken for my profile picture for my online shop, Roselein Rarities.

This is me amidst the chaos that is fixing up an old house pretty much by myself. 

This is one of my models, Heather, in a vintage outfit. Heather was the first model in the new place, and this is the first and one of the only rooms I have mostly finished. The rest of the house is in quite disarray at the moment, but I'm working hard at it each day. 

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Wow, that's cool! My first post! :)



Welcome to Steemit! Beautiful photos.

Thank you! This looks like a fun website :)

Hello Kyana, Nice post upvoted and followed.

Well, thank you! Maybe my first? :)

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you! I'm having fun already! :)

Good to meet you. Your photos are lovely. And don't be afrid to write some long form pieces. I for one appreciate them. Followed you.

Thanks so much! I will try to do so—I just posted a little longer one about an Amish buggy strolling by during a swimsuit shoot. lol

Your creativity shows in these photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Aw, thanks, I really appreciate it! It's nice having a better outlet than Facebook. blech.