I want to introduce myself..

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My name is joe, and my age 33 years old. I live at north sumatra aceh indonesia, i want to share my adventure about my traveling of my steemit community, i am please to show my follower where a visit is worth while any case.


My activity

Iam sailor man, my job in tug boat, we work maintainence ship, my boat loading gipsum, sailing beetwen country, so i very visited allot of many country and place city, i want share my fhoto that i take and many beatiful place that i was visited.





This some the picture.





This picture at sabang island, ACEH, Indonesia...

This is my short story and my first post, hopefully this post can be useful for steemit community.

See you in my next post, thanks and dont forget follow me @joecoinn.


Hey sailor, welcome to steemit!

Those are some very beautiful photos from a part of the world I would love to see some day before I am too old :) Thank you very much for sharing them with all of us.

Your wellcome

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