Hello Steemit. This is me, Jale.

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I am Jale. From Azerbaijan.


I am mother. 12-year-old smart and sweet girl's mother.


I am a woman. A woman who is capable of self-respect.
I am human. A person who feels my own importance in life.
I'm a citizen. A citizen who knows and claims his rights and at the same time fulfills my duties.
I'm happy. I wish you to be.
I am a reader. Also a delightful reader.
I love books very much. This love has pursued me all my life. Maybe, without this love, I would not write these lines now. I lived a little bit with the hero of every book. At least as the book ends. Sometimes I compare the extent to which I have the character of the hero. Sometimes I did not like the hero's action for the moment and I asked him how I would do it in my heart.
One of the wise men said that a person should not die without knowing why he was born. The answer to this question is still in search.


In society where we live, the book is not worth the money. But we only know how rich it is to understand the value of the book. If you read this article, then we already have a common ground. Love of books. (translate google)

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welcome to steemit

Welcome to Steemit @jale-85!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

Welcome @jale-85

Welcome jale-85!
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Uzun zaman oldu, səni buralara gətirmək üçün nə etmədik ki :). Xoş gəldin.


Thanks , my dear :)

Hi @jale-85, Welcome to the steemit platform. Hope you can have fun here. Please follow me and if you need help, I will help you.

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Hi, Welcome to the amazing world of Blogging and Sharing on Steem Blockchain. Make sure to post only Original content and avoid all kind of plagarism.
Keep your patience and faith to get success here. Also make sure to engage and contribite to Community development. Commenting is best part to get involve. Hope you have a happy stay.....Steem On!

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You are lovely.