Introduceing My Piano/Music Skill And Also SC-M to Dtube

in introducemyself •  6 months ago

Hello Steemians and lovely Dtube...

I am IK Silva . I guess you'll like to know about me as well as and how I intend to become an asset here in this decentralized platform through Dtube. Then I'll like you to watch the video.

So stay tuned to this channel for a wonderful experience


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it's good to hear very good music brother @iksilva, this should be this week on our website
descarga (5).jpg


Steemchurch music is gonna be a boom and the rest of us in the community are going to be led try the Holly spirit any time we find time to visit the dtube and watch the marvelous performance by the talented ones in the community

Your skills are something out of the ordinary you know the way you gyrate those cords and spring musical notes to life, it's reminiscent of fantastic music, I knew never you can strick the notes very good, your music is sweet like fresh wine, kudos bro God bless you.

Pretty cool.

Wow this touches are really amazing, I was told you're he header of SC'M this is a beauty to behold, absolutely stroking the keyboard with utter precision, this is brilliant buddy my goodness.

Excellent very good song God bless you

Welcome to Steem, @iksilva!

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wonderful @iksilva is been a while. indeed you just shock me with this wonderful presentation. amazing voice and great boldness. i am please to know that @steemchurch never made a mistake to choose some one like you.
may God increase your grace.

This is amazing, truly you are the master of piano

This is really a display of a great talent to the glory of God.
You did well with those pegs. Keep the fire burning. The Lord is your strength

Beautiful piece @iksilva

Steemchurch Musical on High

Thanks for time and welcome to dtube


good technique brother @iksilva, a true master of the piano. this will go to our website