Introducing myself: hello steemians I'm @highhorse

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Hi I'm @highhorse

I've got a green thumb and like to grow lots of veggies! I enjoy researching and growing medicinal plants..I live on a coastline in South Africa, also enjoy all aspects of art with different mediums.I enjoy learning about African Mythology, and anything to do with spiritual growth and practical craft.

I'm not technically minded, and am enjoying experiencing this form of sharing...thanks to my friend @lanmower for introducing me to steem, my daughter @pixiefire who are bravely attempting to take me on my first steem post!


I hope to lend a discourse to steem that doesn't already exists. Could you please comment and advise about tips for formulating good posts on steem!

Thank joo!


Hi there, I'm just about to go to bed, but your post caught my eye. Welcome to Steemit it's awesome and it sounds like you're going to fit right in. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts, especially African Mythology and spiritual growth. Hint. 😉

Very pleased to meet a kindred spirit 🙈🙉🙊

A proper hello, now that I've slept. I hope you're going to be posting on African Mythology. I'm really interested in native spiritual beliefs. I've looked into Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal, Egyptian, Russian and many more. I believe that there is a common root to it all, even the three main world religions, and to look at them all, is to have a clearer picture. Currently, my interest is caught by Ancient Mesopotamia and the legends of the Annunaki. But I digress. A great big, proper welcome, and if you need anything, just pop over to my blog and drop me a message.

Hey looksfarwoman, I'm a friend of @highhorse, I also do the occasional spirituality on steem, merry met! :)

Hey there, Merry Meet my friend. Outstanding to meet you. I hope we'll all get to know each other over the coming months. I'm relatively new here, but already making some great friends. Can't wait to hear what you've got to say, it's such a good forum for creative posting and sharing of knowledge. Blessed Be.

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Welcome to Steemit!

hi darlin' :)