At last!!!!! My first introduction post on Steemit .....

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Hello, friends of Steemit, I feel very excited to belong to this social network, because it took months for the password to arrive. My name is Guillermo Cobo, I am 10 years old, I live in Barcelona, ​​State Anzoategui, Venezuela.


I like to enjoy with my family in outdoor places, like the beach, swimming pool, trips, and parks.



Within the sports activities, I am passionate about Martial Arts and I practice it since I was 3 years old, in the Association Free System of Karate, I am currently a brown belt.


In this academy, I have been taught that perseverance is important to achieve things. For this reason, I set out to learn and perfect the form with Weapons, especially the Katana.



Likewise, I love football and extreme activities, such as throwing me in tiralinas and the fun jumps in the pool.



I have a pet named Luna with whom my sister and I had fun.


I also love helping my dad with the housework, as well as making grills, cooking and baking.

I hope you like my post. Until next time


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Welcome to Steem, @guillermocobo2!

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Lovely pictures from a great place. I've been to Barcelona lots of times and loved it there and hope to go back again soon...

Thank you, here in Barcelona is very quiet and beautiful beach atmosphere

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Welcom to steemit, follow my steemit thanks 😊

Hey @guillermocobo2! Welcome, and I hope that you will enjoy steemit!

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